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Hi, I own a RP server and I was curious if Unturned would be able to hold up with a 250+ player server? Or is there any way I could enable this? Im working with some big youtubers on my server, they aren’t from unturned but they do have a big following (100k ish, 400k ish, and 2m). Thanks and If there was any way I could talk to you about more specifics lmk, thanks!

There’s a lot of servers with a player limit of 200 but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one over that

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This is accurate. The MaxPlayers server command has a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 200. We used to have a recommended value of 24 – which affected things like server listings – but that was removed.

If you’re unfamiliar with configuring your server, it’s worth reading through these pages for the settings/commands:

Even if 3.X supported 250 slots I very much doubt it would be a enjoyable experience.
Your best should would probably be multiple “realm-like” custom maps that use the same loot pool so you can sync loot between them and have people join a different server when they want to move. Far from ideal but otherwise its just not possible.

Having 100 players in a server is terrible for players since it lags a lot for themselves, and even if there are servers with up to 200 slot, I dont think it could be a good idea xd the best would be having different servers with those big player list up to 100 slots

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