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So again i want to check and clear something i just realized this now he a dev who has made a game on his own is that true.If so two question how you do it TBH i know for a fact that he needed help there no way he had done this by himself if that true i think nelson is the MVP. OK now i got a question for everyone if nelson were to play his game himself with noone but himself do y’all think he can make a metal base in one day just a normal question.
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I would try to read this.

Why does this exist?
Nelson made most of the game.
The Hawaii map was made by a team of helpers.

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A lot of people have made games by themselves. There’s a credits list in-game if you want specifics on stuff.

I think most people can.


Notch made Minecraft alone. Why couldn’t Nelson make a game without having to work with other people ?


Here’s his questions if anyone doesn’t get it (Somehow)

  1. Is it true that you developed the game by yourself?
  2. How did you do it by yourself?
  3. Can Nelson build a metal base in 1 day?

Yes it is true. I followed his game’s development since early-2013 where Unturned 1 is being worked on. I am very certain that he did not say anything in his blog posts about a volunteer who would help him make the game

Inspiration from other games, ideas from people, family/friend support, player feedback/bug reports and mod teams (in 3.0) is all he gets from Day 1 to today. Basically he gets support from the community, and his ideas come from other sources. This is probably the same for all solo developers who made a successful game.

I’m sure anyone can build a metal base.

  1. Nelson made the game by himself, people ended up modding it and improving it.
  2. He made the game by himself for the most part, so I’d say that he didn’t really get much help.
  3. Why?
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Yep, if the definition of a “metal base” is an enclosed space made of placed metal structure pieces, most people can construct at least a basic shelter out of metal in one day.

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