Question for nelson

why did you name the game unturned?


cus u havent turned in2 a zombie yet

source : am nelson sexton


How did you come up with the name?.
only the real Nelson would know the answer for this question

Wait, this proves danaby is Benson Bexton


As far as i know, he named the game “Unturned” because the purpose of the game is to fend off the zombies and not get turned and save others from turning and (on singleplayer) you are the only unturned player and thats where the name might come from.

Hey dragon_beast,

I can’t find the exact interview where he talks about it. However I hopefully correctly recall the name Unturned originally comes from the idea for another game. A game where you were going to be turning many corners and you didn’t know what was going to be on the other side.

So this other game was called Unturned to focus on the suspense that every corner you were coming upon had yet to be turned.

Then Nelson began development on a zombie survival game, and realized that this old name had potential. So he repurposed it. The explanation for how the same name applies to a zombie game is fairly obvious. The player is Not-Turned (into a zombie). Therefore they are Unturned.

Hope that helps. If someone can find the link of Nelson talking about it please link it :slight_smile:


Zombies are already Turned into zombies, you are not, ʸᵉᵗ, which makes you Unturned

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