Question if it’s breaking TOS

Just a question. Would a Gambling site be breaking any TOS of SDG?


Maybe I can get a link and play a bit so I can decide a response depending on whether or not I win big or go home broke???

Are you asking if advertising a gambling site would be breaking a policy? Advertising gambling sites on the SDG Forum would be spam. Advertising gambling sites on Steam Discussions would violate Steam’s policies.

EDIT: If you’re asking if gambling sites in general are allowed: Gambling sites using Steam API violates Steam’s policies. It’s not the intended use for their APIs, and violates their user policies. They should be reported to Valve.

I’ve noticed that you’ve categorized the post as #meta:wiki. Gambling sites are not a game feature. They don’t belong on the SDG Wiki either, and advertising them on the wiki would be spam.


Not advertising, was wondering if these sites that are related to unturned gambling would be against SDG policies… On the side note, how come the csgo gambling site that uses the users API have not been shut down?

According to Steam Web API TOS section 4 you may use the steam api to your discretion as long as you do not mention any affiliation to valves without a prior notice or permission and according to the law of gambling specific location are restricted but not limited to other countries. I just don’t have much information about SDG Policies. I’ve looked into there TOS but haven’t read anything about gambling or anything related

I’m also pretty sure that gambling sites does not harm SDG or it’s supplier rather it would benefit them as more players/users would purchase more items in store

@BABSXS Wait, there’s unturned gambling?

Yes. Many servers have lootboxes in the game now.
Brad’s RP uses casinos with working, laggy slot machines, jackpots and everything.

BABSXS isn’t talking about server monetization practices. They’re talking about third-party websites using Steam API to gamble Steam Inventory items.

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We do not endorse the use of such third-party websites that enable Steam accounts to gamble on Steam Inventory items, and neither does Steam. Websites that are misusing Steam API can be reported to Steam.