Question on looks of wall/roofs/floors

will walls, roofs, and floors have detail? in 3.0 ,looking at a floor makes me want to kill myself because it has no detail. will floors in 4.0 look something like this.


I don’t think things will be textured quite that much, but there for sure will be some texture instead of just a flat color slapped on the faces of the object.

These shots from Devblog #006 help show off the new textures on a house

If you look closely, the walls and roof certainly have some detail to them to make them seem less “flat”.

From what I can see of the floors on the inside, it seems like they’re just solid colours. It is difficult to see clearly though.

I doubt that textures with such detail will be added as it will look a bit ridiculous.

Even through the glass you can see texture on the floor.

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On a possible sidenote, I really hope that the buildable floors/walls have a distinct makeshift look to them and not just this flat, boring panels that can be destroyed more easily than they were built.


Could very well be texture, I’m seeing a bit of some sort of film grain from Blenders render

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I believe that’s actually an UE4 render, so that could very well be exactly what it looks like ingame. I could be wrong, though.

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Ah yep, I completely ignored the surroundings of the house.

i think im fine

can you put that in english, please? lmao

“Zoom in on the 4.0 roof and you can see it has actual texture rather than just solid color.”

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