[Question] Will the Unturned 3.0's turned make some kind of appearence in the final game?

Yes, I know what Nelson is going for, I closely follow the development process of the game: some kind of mutated, more organic-looking versions of the turned.
But my point is: will the old turned make an appearance in the final build of the game? Or are the current turned only a placeholder?
The point I am trying to make here is that I have played unturned for a long time (no, I was not willing to put thousands of hours into that one game, as I have a whole bunch of other interesting games to play. It’s poor optimization repels me slightly. When I play on Germany or Russia, it’s choppy even on a gaming device, and the state of the game is not that good to begin with. I do have a couple of hundred of hours accumulated over time though), and these zombies with their silly faces are making me feel really nostalgic.
New enemies would certainly benefit the new game, make no mistake. But unturned just wouldn’t feel the same without these turned.
Don’t get me wrong, the current turned are not very challanging, and their current behaviour is rather dull, and lacks in-depth features. I do not mean to port that part of the turned into the new game, no. The new turned should be something to make players stay away from cities and be an actual struggle to survive against (they should be fun and possible to fight against, though).
I am just asking if the new turned would bear some aesthetic resemblance of the old turned.

Please, don’t take this thread as a direct request to make the new turned look like the old turned.
It’s a mere question that I ask out of curiosity and interest in the game.


I would like to see in unturned 2 only one small town or village with the same zombies from 3.0

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perhaps certain kinds of zombies can look like u3 zombies, like created in a certain way

The last of us has a great way of going about zombies, even if it recently has lacked in the story department.

The zombies are a fungus, and the fungus grows and deteriorates the body over time. older zombies have more fungus, and look more mutated, the fungus has also propagated more throughout the corpse making the zombie’s movement more accurate and therefore more dangerous.

This allows for some variation of zombies that makes the game more challenging, varied, and creative.

I don’t really see the point of retaining the generic green men if the dev plans to move forward.

Surely we’ll have some sort of common enemy type that would resemble an infected human but including the generic green zombies is just out of place.

Last time we got something for nostalgic reasons was PEI in 3.0, which ended up being unpopular for multiplayer due to cramped space and unbalanced looting since the map is just a sea of islands and peninsula-style segments. I do hope it doesn’t come back as one of the first maps.


That is essentially what I proposed in my original post; modify them a bit in order to fit the new game, not just directly port them. I can’t agree more about PEI in 3.0. It was a failed attempt of bringing over something nostalgic, which I consider to be a nice touch. Though I am sure that if that same map, with some modifications done to improve it (including more forested space, less cramped up assets, and in general making it seem less like a tiny island saturated with loot and more like a solid piece of landscape that would be fun to play in) would be pretty successful. And by saying that I am not implying that I want all of the maps from Unturned 3.0 ported directly into/remade for Unturned 2. New, challanging maps with balanced gameplay elements are more than desired by me.
The game needs to evolve and new types of enemies would certainly benefit the game, and I don’t see the point of keeping something if that very thing is bad, or not working out for the game.
If the new enemies were to be creatures that mutated because of that hostile, organic… something, then what I think would be the best thing to do would be to not overshoot that kind of organic look, in order to keep it somewhat simple, within Unturned 2’s artstyle. A small-moderate amount of “organic” detailing would be nice, but mostly keeping it somewhat simple, so that it’s not unpleasant to look at compared to the game’s environment.

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