So i had made a youtube channel btw it was a long time along and i had not start posting until five day ago so am thinking about recording some unturned video tho my unturned fps is some time low and it also has and high sometime yet i don’t want to tho Tbh there are some reason that i can’t play and i don’t know why but yea
do yall think i should post unturned .
Will it get me more sub and will i be good a youtuber.

We’d first have to see any content to tell.

Ok i put the url but remember this is only a question not advertisement so don’t do this is advertisement it not it just a question Btw had to change my channel name.(Again this is not adtisement it just for people to like and see if the contect good for unturned and other)

WTF is this…
Inb4 purge

You need a beefy computer if you want to start recording. Noone likes seeing choppy frame rate

Yarrr i was able to record like 3-4 video so am good on recording.

He meant that the choppy frame rate is bad. People don’t like watching low-quality videos that stutter constantly, especially if the audio is stuttering also.

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True that mate

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