Questions about new map and the future of beta

Image be @Kiryuninja

With the new devlog we received a new map that uses 3D models of buildings from Unturned 3.0, I felt a good performance of 30 fps considering it is the biggest map in the beta, besides the game still being a beta with several optimizations to be made .

My main doubts are.

Will the maps that will be remastered for unturned II use only the 3D constructions of unturned 3.0?

Can this map be updated to contain the new buildings in the sandbox map?

Will the initial open beta use only unturned 3.0 models or new ones?

let’s see what @SDGNelson is prepare , I’m looking forward to taking a look at the new pistol.


Thanks for the credit! For now I think this is going to be a purely 3.0 test map.

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No need to thank, it is a moral duty to give credit to the creator.


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The map featured in this update is simply a placeholder map demonstrating the new prop pipeline that allows content creators to import assets from U3 directly into UII.

All official Unturned II content from this point onwards will use purpose-made UII objects as planned, presumably including future maps taking place in similar locations to maps from past game versions. Even for remastering classic maps, the change in artstyle will require new models, similar to how U3’s PEI doesn’t use U2 PEI’s assets.


Oh oh oh
U2 (classic) asset converter when :flushed::flushed::flushed:

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Can’t wait for the new maps in U2, but it would still be fun to get on PEI and Germany again on the new game and new engine. Playing the old Unturned 3.0 with the new features and game play features of U2 would be a nice call back. Maybe he could have a week or two where official servers host an event on PEI. Kinda like the PEI moon map that we could play in 3.0, during Halloween I believe. And community servers as well could probably do some cool stuff.

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