Questions about Unturned II

To start I will report a very annoying bug.

When we squatted as far as possible, our arms entered the ground, sometimes when that happens we are pressed to the ground and unable to walk.

Now a question.

In this old devlog we can see that a lid on the gun opens and closes as the bullets are ejected, we have this detail the current eagle fire but not the animation, it will return? ,We have a similar animation with the cobra pistol.


I would also like to know if the shooting mode selector will return, it was a very nice detail.


I always had doubts about what exactly this yellow square would be, I don’t know, I think the weapon would look better if it were black, or if it was removed.


Will it still be possible to see the backpack straps when it is on the floor as before?


I hope that all weapons have triggers as has already been decided, the old triggers have been replaced by thicker triggers, so I would like to remind you that the sniper rifle has not yet had this detail back, (I’m curious when the shotgun is added, as it will need to have a slightly circular trigger)

Regarding the sound, I realized that the sound of the zombies, of the punches of our character and also of the shot of the sniper rifle are taken from unturned 3.x, I see that this is not a problem but I expected the sound of the weapons to be more that in 3.x, in the same beta we have the pistol and the eagle fire that has great sounds, I know they are probably reserved spaces just like the map structures we have in the beta, but I was left with this doubt.

I am also curious to see the rtx features, it would be nice to be able to see people behind the car through the car’s rear view mirror, although it was taken out for some reason, but I hope to see it back soon.

Once again they are just questions and not criticism, anyway I would like to thank @SDGNelson for the great job, especially in optimizing the game, the performance is incredible and we are still in the beta.


It’s a charging handle latch. Makes it easier to pull with thick gloves on. Just an aesthetic feature for more detail to an otherwise rather bland gun.


Well the yellow square box doesn’t look connected to the gun and looks more like it’s just floating next to it.


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