Questions to be answered!

Ok so basically i have been thinking.

  1. How many players do you think each server will be limited too? (Of course this will be based on the map sized but still)
  2. What do you think the arena aspect will be like. Some are saying Battle Royal others are saying the same and a few are saying no arena at all what do you think?
  3. Campared to 3.0 maps how big do you think 4.0 maps will be (EX: 4x the size of washington)

These are all the questions i could think off feel free to reply to these and add a few of your own id love to share ideas.

I’m not sure why you would expect an actual answer for all of these given all of it is currently up in the air right now. If you’re trying to encourage speculation maybe make that a bit more clear.

Also, arena mode is battle royale. There is no difference.

You don’t have the bus/plane tho. It’s random spawns.

Not disagreeing with you, just wanna get the facts str8 xD

I wasn’t asking for a real answer just what you guys hope or think will happen

The title is a bit misleading in that case, because it makes it seem like you want a set in stone answer, not speculation.

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