Quests and dialogues without the need of NPCs

(sorry if I commit any obvious mistakes or stuff like that, it’s midnight and I can’t sleep.)

So, I bet this has been suggested before (but not here, idk, if it was I’m sorry) but here goes:

We all know how NPCs work. You press F, dialogue. Then buttons with more dialogues and quests. Woo!
But unfortunately that’s only limited to NPCs. Let’s pretend that you’re making a map where you have to follow a storyline, and for some reason you have to hit that skype Discord™ voice chat button in your epic Computer #3. You’d love to have a dialogue set up like NPCs, but you either have to:

A) make the notebook a separate object with note properties;

B) add an NPC somewhere and make you interact with it or;

C) don’t do anything. Screw this!

Now this is pretty lame. Doing B) would be the best choice, but let’s remove the “NPC” factor, ok? If we did that, that’d be great.

What could be done is not restricting the dialogue and quest codes for NPCs, and adding them for objects too (but in a way so you don’t have buildings talking to you or something) so you could do the notebook example in a cool, optimized and smart way, for example.

I feel like I need to conclude this in an epic and formal way but nah, too tired, so thanks for reading, hit that like button and @ mah boy Nelson so he can see this


I feel like at least opening this up to modders would be a small yet welcomed tweak. Definitely agree, this is almost a no-brainer.

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