Queue position 1# bug


me and my friend wanted to play like 6 month and this bug are not let us play…
what is the Queue position #1 bug??
where is the update to fix it ?!


What specifically is happening?


I believe they are referring to a bug where the player gets stuck on the “Queue Position #1” screen while trying to connect to a server. It doesn’t happen to me that often, so I don’t usually pay much attention to it.

To answer the question, try verifying your game files. (Unturned -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Files)


did like 100 times


Maybe just join a different server, it might be the latency from you or the server.


Do you hear game sounds when you get stuck? Do you get kicked out of the queue after some time or you get stuck there forever?


Whenever this happens, I restart my computer and router. I only see 2 reasons whenever this happens:

+I ran out of ram

if it’s neither, reinstall the game. That fixes everything


hear nothing i getting kicked about like 5mins of waiting


Are you sure that you don’t hear ambience sound? Did you try to punch the air to see if you hear it? Pls test its important


It’s related to the server you’re playing. If the server has so much mods and plugins, then it’s hard to play in the server. You’re able to hear the sound but you’re stuck at the loading screen that’s how i understand.