Queue Position freezing

Hello, My name is GunchoBG and I have problem with my Unturned and I am asking for help. When I join server before I enter the server there is Queue Position #1 freezing. I can hear everything but I see only this Queue Position please help! I can punch, I can walk, jump and etc. but I can’t see anything

Encountered this problem recently,
This tells you why it’s freezing. Have you added any custom Content? If so you might want to look into errors with it.

So I have to remove all workshops which I have added in my steam?

The thing is that when I join any server this is happening… i have deleted everything I have re installed the game and its still the same!!!

That has happened to me before when that happens to me I just restart the game and it fixes itself

If you can’t move the cursor press the escape button then you will be able to move the cursor and then press cancel

I know that is working but the problem is I cant join any server that way :confused:

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