Quick suggestions for 4

Some quick suggestions for after 4.0 workshop exists

Convert 3.0 skins to 4.0 skins, or make them work for both games. That way those who spent a good deal of cash for mythicals or rare skins wont get played if they decide to play 4 instead of 3

Make a system to convert 3.0 maps to 4.0. I know this would help server owners who are switching to 4.0 by not needing to rebuild their map from scratch (I could see some things needing to be moved slightly since the models for houses and such will be different than the 3.0 ones, but at least this way a map editor can at least have something to work with)

Not easily feasible by any means.

I bought XCOM Enemy Unknown with the Enemy Within DLC. Several years later, Firaxis released XCOM 2. I did not get XCOM 2’s DLC for free, nor should I have. In fact, I actually spent more money (willingly) on XCOM 2 than the previous game.

Not feasible by any means. One game is made in Unity. One is made in Unreal Engine. It’d also require remaking all of Unturned 3’s content, and foregoing actually improving the game just so it’s compatible and the same dimensions and actually functional.

I mean, it’d have an effect on custom content creators a lot more than server owners. See above response though.

“slightly” is a severe understatement.

Nobody is going to play using Unturned 3 content on version 4 when it sticks out like a sore thumb and obviously had zero effort put into it besides just re-importing the content. If people actually care about their work they’d make it for version 4.

If a map editor needs something to work with they can instead use an Unturned 3 project as inspiration, be original and creative on their own, take Pineridge as inspiration, try something new that actually implements the new mechanics of the game, etc.

People will not play on the broken content people would import.


How in the actual fuck did you type that up within 10 minutes of this thread being posted

EDIT: I figured I should probably more productive than that. As Molt has already said, backwards compatibility is a lot of work and becomes nearly futile when both games are going to be able to be played at the same time. It’s the player’s choice if they play 4.x and never play 3.x again. They spend the money, if they truly cared that much, they would keep playing 3.x.


Don’t worry, we’re all always left wondering about Molton’s mad WPMs.

Also Molton basically nailed everything I wanted to say here.

Emphasis on "no, 4.0 isn’t going to get skins converted from 3.0"

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