Quick weapon/item slot switch


My idea is to have a quick weapon switch so you don’t have to tap the buttons 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
So you can scroll up and down to switch between weapons and items.

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okay why not

Simple and good, just like minecraft, right?

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Yes, just like minecraft.

Quick concept here, will it be like Minecraft’s hotbar where you place things in it and they will take up certain amounts of space? Or is it just Unturned’s normal ghostly image of your sportshot that you found with 1 bullet?
I feel like either could work out fine, the first is more like a terraria or minecraft hotbar, and the second is reminiscent of a game like CS:GO except you can hotkey (or hotbar in this case) items like bandages.

The only thing I’m suggesting is that you can use the scroll button to switch between the weapons and items you assigned to the numbers, not a different hotbar.

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