Radical Photo Gallery of the "Stalker" Franchise

He didn’t do it to win favors upstairs.

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Whats the weird shit vanilla ball on the table?

An Artifact, I’m not sure which one however.

It’s the Compass.

One which is missing it’s spikes.

Eh, I don’t see it as anything else.

How the fuck is that a compass?

It guides people out of spacial anomalies.

huh… never seen it. Its probably from i never played

I’m actually incredibly surprised. It’s from STALKER, a survival/horror game series so well known that it basically started its own subgenre. I’ve never played it and yet I still know about what artifacts (like the above “Compass”) are. STALKER is also frequently associated with cheeki breeki (hell, the cheeki breeki meme literally originated from STALKER) and Slavic memes, making it blatantly obvious where this was from.

Still, I guess some people just don’t know, that’s to be expected honestly



because of the Icecream shit ball on the table

i never played it

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