Radio Relay Systems (and toggleable voice chat)

So I’ve had this idea for quite a while now, where if you are in either an RP server or just a survival server of sorts that has a general survivor trade/societal system, you should be able to make some sort of radio relay system to be able to play music on the radio (from boombox/Stereos) to earpieces with the same broadcast frequency, another way to implement this would to add a frequency selector to the stereo’s UI, or better yet, a complete stereo interface rework, IE; shuffle button, auto-play button, etc… And on that note a toggleable button option for the voice chat button would be nice, as where instead of having to hold it down for as long as you want to be heard, you could just change a setting in the settings menu and voila, you can toggle the voice chat instead of holding it down. Overall I believe these additions would be very useful for RP and survival servers alike. And hope this idea can get far.


We need this.


We need a better voice chat system too. I don’t want Unturned II VC sounding like a russian potato mic with a shit load of static.


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