Rag-doll player

example if i jump from a high area i should rag-doll for a few seconds after landing then stand back up. This stops people jumping from a high place and just killing you. Also allow RocketMod plugins to course a rag-doll. This would be beast if it were added


That sounds fun.
If that makes it into the game I will 100% do a “Fus Ro Dah” mod.
Plus, you could ragdoll upon being hit in the head or suddenly stopping a vehicle.

Indeed and if you can ragdoll a player with RocketMod plugins the ways you could use this would be limitless

and if RocketMod Plugins/Workshop could course a ragdoll. This would give people the ability to make Tasers, Bean Bag Guns, also the Baton could knock people out

Imagine this with the flight skill.

Would be like the baseball bat mod on A3L servers.