Ragdoll Effect Ideas

So basically, with this new ragdoll modifier in place, me and a couple other people, @Noobyfish and @GreatHeroJ, came up with a few ideas for the new modifiers


Credit to Noobyfish for this one, in addition to the mythical effects already in the game, ragdoll effects could drop on mythical weapons when unboxed from a crate, so instead of having the particle effect on your weapon, it’s a ragdoll effect instead


Basically another type of crate that drops different modifiers that can be attached to weapons, pretty simple overall, just needs some unique ragdoll effect.

So that’s basically it.
(also make it so flight skill makes the ragdolls spaghettify while also being frozen)


I don’t think this would be possible, as mythicals, ragdoll effects, and kill counters are each their own individual thing. If you made a Mythical Rarity Skin with a ragdoll effect, adding the 0 Kelvin effect would most likely delete the original effect.

I wouldn’t dedicate a whole crate to it.

Instead, I’d say just add some to the Mythicals drop pool for all crates/boxes. Or treat it like the Glove Case in CS:GO.

But both of those are unlikely. As you may have noticed, there haven’t been new crates for a while. I’m pretty sure this is due to the perception regarding lootbox gambling in games, and I don’t believe Nelson has any intentions on adding more anytime soon.

The fun things like this though really make me want to see cosmetics/skins/mythicals in U4, since I feel there’s just so much more room to do things like skins and particle effects justice.

That being said, I’d appreciate seeing ideas for new modifiers. I kinda want to see one that just disintegrates the target into ash/cinder particle effects.

As for new ways to obtain modifiers, if Nelson is going to continue with avoiding new mystery boxes then he could just throw them between the Stockpile and the Crafting Materials crafting.



ug anyways, I really do think something like this could work. I would use it over normal mythicals cause normal mythicals give you away, Ragdoll effects give your enemys away.
Also ragdoll effects on vehicle skins :eyes:


ok chill sorry

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i hate you

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that was completely unintentional lmao

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oKaY gUyS lEt’S nOt DeRaiL tHe ToPiC

I blindly wholly agree with what Molton just said right there. If anything though tbh this was more of an interesting thought for us and less of an actual suggestion.

why are you still here just talk about it in Pineridge we’re all in there anyways

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