Ragdoll falling

I feel like falling in Unturned isn’t really a big problem once your skills are upgraded, you can fall from high heights and be fine with using 1 med kit. In a game I was playing recently (Voices of the void) when you fall from too high of a height you go into ragdoll mode and fall around. If this was implemented into unturned it would also help with sky base problems, you’d really try to avoid falling to not go into ragdoll mode during combat.

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I did experiment with ragdoll mode for characters a bit in 4. One tricky thing with ragdolls in multiplayer games is the amount of bandwidth needed to replicate all the bones - there’s a GDC talk from Halo 3 devs talking about how they opted for client-side ragdoll physics to resolve their bandwidth constraints. For corpse ragdolls it’s fine to run on the client because they don’t really have a gameplay impact, but for active ragdolls they’d need to be server-authoritative otherwise cheaters would switch to snake mode and wiggle or fly their body through cracks.

I think 3’s already in the less-realistic camp when it comes to falling/gravity considering you can fling yourself through the air, float with a parachute, absorb impacts with springy boots, and built floating bases. :laughing:


What if the ragdoll hitbox stayed the same size as a standing player and just fell like a block? and the limbs would go into ragdoll mode.

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