Raiding ideas

Now I know people don’t want the game to be as pvp focused like 3.0 but thats not because of the addition of pvp mechanics, its due to the lack of interesting pve. So adding things that make the pvp better and don’t take away from the pve is always a good thing.

(This will be using my knowledge on how 3.0 works and 3.0 building materials and ect)

  • Turrets shooting down/destroying missiles and explosives
  • Heavy Guns should no longer be able to dmg metal
  • Turrets now come with their own default gun and use a new ammo type (turrets should be able to hold maybe 100-300 Bullets)
  • Increased spawn timer if killed by a turret (so you don’t just run in naked constantly)
  • Maybe a 3 options to increase or decrease the range
  • Heavy Guns new role in raiding would be for cheapily destroying wood (or any material less then metal). BUT most importantly to destroy turrets since they should still be able to destroy turrets.
    -With that being said ^ Turrets should have slightly increased HP
  • MAYBE explosives slightly more common or (and) make metal rarer.

feel free to discuss on what you think because I think something needs to be done about the raiding mechanics of this game since they are just BAD imo and someone can just easily raid your base while your offline without really much resistance.

The idea of this would be that you would want to go in with maybe some heavy riot armor or something just to take a few shots if needed (and probaly some meds). Then use your heavy guns to take out the turrets (Snipers that can shoot them from out of range should do significantly less damage to them if any at all). after the turrets have been cleared you would move in with the explosives.

  • Good ideas
  • Unturned raiding is already good enough
  • Unturned raiding is bad but so are these ideas

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Kinda iffy about the explosive turrets, but i agree with everything else.
The timer length might be unnecessary, but i’m split 50/50 on that.

I agree that LMGs shouldn’t automatically destroy every building material, unless they’re chambered in a very high caliber AP cartridge or anti-material cartridge, like the american .50 BMG or russian 12.7×108mm, both of which are anti-material cartridges, but they are used by HMGs, not LMGs, so those cartridges would probably belong in an entirely new weapon set. There is the possibility of standard AP ammo that’s used by lower calibers for Rifles and LMGs alike, so that could make shooting metal objects possible, without having to carry around tons of explosives and/or HMGs for raids.

I don’t think that the players that put down the sentries should have control over the range. They’re defensive utility, so that should be limited to medium range at most. Give them long range and they become a nuisance.

Yes, making explosives more common is a good idea. Only thing i want out of explosives in Unturned II, is to have specialized explosives. Grenades are anti-personnel, they send shrapnel that penetrates skin and muscle, but that would be ineffective on objects. Something like breaching charges or plastic explosives don’t spread shrapnel by themselves and they’re often used for demolition, so that would make them very effective on objects, but not so effective on players.

I also think that those demolition explosives should be placeable by hand or have a very short distance that the player can throw it, so it gets limited to its intended purpose. I think that demolition explosives should have variable grades.

Like, first one would be a simple shaped charge. You place it on a wall and it explodes in the direction of whatever its placed, without exploding outwards. Then you would have breaching charges, which are basically shaped charges, but they do more damage over a wider area (wider area on the surface its placed) and then you have your bundles of plastic explosives, like a brick of C4, which does more damage, has an overall wider area of explosion that is not limited to the surface it’s placed. Those would be accordingly rare, i’m not gonna go into how rare those grades should be, respectively, so i think that would conclude my wall of text. I’m giving it “Good ideas” for the most part.

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Yeah i feel that player held weapons shouldn’t be able to damage structures except ones made of wood or other weak materials. Instead Heavy Machine Guns and automatic grenade launchers could be mountable on vehicles and these could be used for raiding. Explosives should be more common but not finished explosives like demo charges instead players should take raw explosives(these should be more) and craft them into finished charges. The materials required should be relatively easy to acquire however the recipe for these should be guarded or locked behind a quest or some other slightly difficult wall to prevent players from getting their hands on these too easily.

“Kinda iffy about the explosive turrets”
you mean turrets being able to shoot down and destroy missiles and explosives?
I think turrets being able to destroy explosives would make raids a lot better where people would have to destroy the turret first with heavy ammo (and probaly somewhat good armor and some meds to take a few shots while they gun it down). After the turrets are destroyed they can move in with the explosives, this would make base defense much less of a headache and it would become much more possible to be able to defend your base offline if you have a good base design with turrets on the outside and inside.

The original post said: “Turrets shooting missiles and explosives”
I still stand by my point, in order for turrets to shoot explosives, they’ll need to be in the open, which exposes them and in turn, makes them more or less useless. That and with the increase in anti-turret weapons, putting them in the open would be stupid. Plus, it takes away some skill from the base defense perspective.

I would rather have people kill the person with a rocket launcher as quick as possible, than having an automated system that does that for them. It adds an element of strategy, as well, having to prioritize the rocket launcher guy first, then whatever follows. And the rocket launcher guy would need to play around cover and make sure he doesn’t die.

That already makes base raiding and base defense have much more depth, than a simple sentry that shoots down projectiles.

All that quest wall for the charge recipes can be bypassed by just making those explosives more common and nerf their damage and overall utility. Make them good, but not too good at taking down structures and significantly worse for everything that’s not structures. It’s not going to be fun to have to grind a specific quest so you can raid a base.

Alternatively, if there’s a research mechanic, similar to the one in Rust, you can make them rare and have the players hold onto the charges, until they can research and craft the charges after.

I don’t think that raiding necessities should be locked behind some kind of quest, even thought that i love the idea of balancing PVE and PVP in Unturned II. You can always add things that are really good at something behind these quests, but not necessary things for the gameplay as a whole.

Well If you have boosted turret hp, it would take maybe 50-75 bullets to destroy a turret (idk something like that). So to take out turrets you could hide then come out and shoot it a bit with good armor so you dont die immedietly and then heal up and repeat. You could use a vehicle’s heavy gun to destroy turrets (Someone said vehicles should be used for raiding metal and I disagree unless it is an explosive gun. The heavy gun on a vehicle would be a good option to destroy a bunch of outside turrets while being protected as long as your not exposed and the bullet cant hit through the window or whatever.) You would want to have a mix of internal and external turrets, internals would be very deadly since it would be harder to get a vehicle in and it would mean you would most likely have to tank and heal a lot of the internals unless you can blow up enough of the base to get a vehicle in BUT you would have the externals to make it hard for someone to be able to blow it up and they would have to clear out a section of those external turrets to be able to get a vehicle inside. THAT would make raiding so much more strategical and base defense would be balance. This would make it so if you are a large group who have been playing on a server for a long time, it would atleast take someone with some pretty good stuff to be able to raid your base while your sleeping and ect and not just a guy whos been on for a few days who (Unless that person got really lucky/played a lot and was very skilled at raiding).

EXAMPLE: Theres a big “faction” and they got a nice metal base with good amount of turrets and have been playing a long time and you are wanting to raid them. Now players really have to think about raiding since it’s a lot more riskier and they might have to team up with people or ect and its not as simple as it was before. First you get vehicles with heavy guns and maybe build some plates on it to protect the shooter and rider. You drive up close and you start gunning down some of the turrets. You will want to have a pretty good amount of ammo for this vehicle also, now if someone is actually there, this becomes A LOT HARDER. The defenders will now come out and blast or blow up your car/plates and if you loose that vehicle then you might be screwed since you might not be able to do the hard fight on foot with good armor, weapons and ammo for taking out the turrets and be ready for the pvp while avoiding turrets. After that, you would have to work your way in the inside and try to fight through all and any internal turrets they might have.

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I have one problem with that argument, though: You make your argument based on the assumption that there will be vehicles with heavy weaponry that would be mounted. No one knows this for sure, even tanks have not been confirmed to exist in Unturned II, Nelson just said: “Military vehicles” in the most recent interview. A simple armored Humvee is a military vehicle, it doesn’t need to have a grenade launcher or minigun or something on it to make it military. An APC, Ural and Huey are all military vehicles, but with no armament on them whatsoever, so again, nobody knows if tanks and vehicle-mounted weaponry is going to be a thing.

With that being said, it doesn’t matter how boosted the turrets’ HP would be, you can still go far out of range and shoot those turrets. If they’re going to be out in the open, so they can shoot down projectiles, only the most clueless players will get up close to the point where they’ll need to hide and peek a turret continuously so they don’t die. Everyone else will just snipe or spray them from long range.

We also didn’t discuss the amount of time that it would take for a turret to turn to the projectile and hit it successfully. If it’s instant, people can easily just make a barricaded turret in front of their base and projectiles are no longer a problem. That’s not exactly balanced, though, because if it’s instant, they can put it just mere meters next to their base, which would make them even harder to take down, since they’re now, essentially, a part of the main base.

As for the opposite, if they’re slow (not super slow, something around 1-2 seconds, depending on where the turret is looking at when the projectile flies over), players will need to make a compound with an external wall that is farther away from the base. That would require more resources and effort to build and so far, i’m willing to accept anti-projectile turrets in this instance, since it’ll take some good work for the defenders to make that external wall around their base and it would limit the sentry to only shooting projectiles, until the wall is breached and the attackers are in the turret’s range.

I think i would still prefer turrets as anti-personnel defense, rather than anti-projectile, but i won’t have a problem with the aforementioned instance with the compound.

As for the heavy weaponry destroying structures or not, keep in mind, there’s tons of vehicles with large calibers that can do some real damage against structures, without being explosive.
Such as the .50 BMG cartridge that’s used by the M2 Browning machine gun. The .50 BMG cartridge, by itself, is considered as anti-material. And there’s even larger calibers like 30mm, but that’s used by armored transports like the Stryker with heavy auto cannons and even then, there’s lighter cartridges that can penetrate wood and sheet metal with ease. It’s just a matter of balancing. Also, keep in mind that you’re not going to use 1 ammo type for different weapons, like 3.0’s Civilian, Ranger and Military ammo, you’ll need to find the specific ammo type for the gun you’re using, so you can bet that finding enough ammo for heavy machine guns for raids, is not going to be easy. And all that is, assuming, that there’s even going to be vehicle mounted weapons at all. You could still find heavy caliber weapons that are carried and operated by players themselves.

Yeah, ik irl there is but I was talking more for game balance.

That would be somewhat of the point, to be a complete defense against missiles. BUT if someone barricaded a turret, they would most likely be blocking a large amount of space that turret can shoot and would be leaving more gaps in the base.

Long range guns used for raiding shouldn’t do much dmg to the turrets;HOWEVER, lets say you just use another gun to just spray from afar, ok. It will still be hard to accurately hit lets say 70 shots on a turret.(THIS WOULD BECOME MORE INTERESTING ON A ONLINE RAID, and you might see people have to build little setup bases and stuff near the base they want to attack and actually be prepared if they want to take on a big group while there online).

Lets just say you destroyed all the outer defenses, the hardest part would be in inside. That is where this really becomes challenging and the main point of the whole thing. It would depend on how players build there bases but with mechanics like these, players can build some pretty good defensive bases when it comes inside the walls. Even for “exterior” turrets, they could be effective with a good metal wall around your base. People would have to blow into the wall before they can even get into your “yard” and if you had turrets placed through it, they would probably have to blow up multiple holes into your walls so they can be able to strike your turrets.