Raiding meta is ridiculous, normal bases are obsolete

Yes, sky bases are dumb lol. But they’re very popular because normal bases are simply obsolete with how stupidly overpowered the raiding meta is.
Why? They don’t just disintegrate the minute you log off.
Sky bases aren’t the stupid thing, it’s the reason for them.
The raiding experience never had the movie-like action of breaking down doors and rummaging through boxes while evading traps. It’s just a matter of blowing meteor sized holes in someone’s base and collecting what falls.

What could I suggest:

  • Buffs to structures (excluding free form buildings), traps and turrets that are in proximity of a claim flag
  • A buff to turrets in general (bc they suck!), how could they be OP if they need electricity and ammo anyway? If you made 'em more accurate but slow to turn, they’d do their job protecting bases but be ineffective as killing machines out in the open.
  • C4 should be really effective against doors and windows, somewhat effective against wooden structures, ineffective against metal structures
  • The further an explosion is from the center of a structure, the less damage it does (so that you can’t get a 4 for 1 deal blowing up walls)
  • Maybe ray casting for explosives instead of a fixed radius (except for precision charges)

TL:DR if building traditional bases was actually worthwhile, and raiding them was a challenge, sky bases wouldn’t be such a problem.


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