Raiding Rework in Unturned 4.0

Where did you get this idea from? That hasn’t been suggested anywhere here.

I’m pretty sure the kind of person who would do this in the first place really doesn’t care about how their base looks if it actually protects their loot better. I am one of those people.

I agree. We really need a better raiding system in Unturned 4.0 More balanced for both the raiders and the one who owns the place.

If you actually read what I suggested in my first comment you would know that I said “only doors and windows are destructible” so yeah it pretty much was suggested here.

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Well, having them be indestructible is a bad idea for a number of reasons.

proceeds to use walls to block some dude’s door


Well, thats actually kigda right, that idea has some flaws, but also having the ability to dig through a fortress by spraying the walls with bullets is kinda lame, and also makes base building kinda useless…so maybe have a mid solution ? Tell me what u think…

no horde beacon as we see it in unturned is needed, i think it could be a sound generator ( like a siren powered with a generator ) and not a magic box wich attracs zombies .

That’s pretty much what other people have suggested, a noise box that makes sense.

i always thought that was what the horde beacon did. its little aura around it pulses high frequency sounds too high for the unturned to hear.

iirc I think a quest in Hawaii puts this information in textual form too

in rust quantity matters a lot and a zerg clan can quickly rebuild from zero and start kicking asses

main trouble of base building is static defenses which are fooled easily and tons of grinding even in zerg squads, buildings need to be tougher per upgrade (hold at least 4-5 charges at top tier) and cheaper for metal/time costs, also maybe cheaper/better static defenses, such as sentry buff (give it shield and reduce reaction time to 0.5)

raiding is easy since needing equipment can be obtained really easily by a zerg clan geared with nades and pikes, and raiding rather boring unless if the entire base is booby-trapped or owners online, otherwise is about bringing an nykorev and melting a hole inside base

so I am about to hit the keyboard but bases rather should have strong PRESENCE of active clan as local danger which needs to be destroyed before it plagues more lands, like in rust where everything is about keeping bases and neighbors away before they raid you

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