Raiding Rework in Unturned 4.0

Currently it’s the matter of who grinds beacons & c4 the most, so any рlayer without a big grouр and a lot of time will get beaned.

My suggestions: Give all walls/ceilings/floors certain tiers, and the ability to upgrade then, like in Rust. With certain tiers, not only the health increases, but it gets immunity from certain damage.

The first tier would be able to be damaged by anything, second tier would get immunity from melee weapons, third tier will get immunity from all low caliber weapons, forth tier would get immunity from everything but explosives.

For the explosives you’ll now need a certain material (for example, military grade wires) that will be time locked (which means you can only get it once in a certain amount of time, like a day, from airdrops, or a repeatable quests from an NPC). This way, heavy grinders will be timelocked, and it will give a bigger chance to solo, or lazy players. Also, nerf the horde beacon.

With such additions (if tiers don’t take too long to grind) raiding will be much more balanced. For once, people will actually value raiding materials and decide with caution on what to use them on, as well as it will give newer players a better chance at reaching the top on a populated server.



Looks good :smiley:

Thank you! The core concept was to have a timelocked material included in crafting raiding weaponry, as it alone would prevent your base (a good and a well-thought out one) be raided overnight by night owls. Not just raided, but most walls and pillars broken, due to how easy it is to get raiding equipment. The rest is just sprinkles on top of the cake.

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Horde beacons should disappear utterly. The rest is pretty fine :+1:


As a Rust veteran, I see one serious problem with this.

In Rust, massive zerg clans are heavily favored. This “grind” you speak of is just their bread and butter.

To solve this issue you will need to take an approach no single game has ever done before.


Which approach would this be? :thinking:

I love the concept of a horde beacon. You put your self in danger, being in a place which is commonly visited by players, focusing on killing zombies. Any other player interrupting - boom, you’re dead.

I don’t think they should be entirely cut out, but instead, made a lot more dangerous. A great idea is horde beacon emitting a massive signal, which all players within 300 meters could see, and possibly snipe you down.

I think that rather than a horde beacon having loot, the zombies provide the loot themselves.

A “horde beacon” in 4.0 should just be a simple noisemaker or other distraction that attracts zombies to the area.


What I don’t like from horde beacons is the high-tier loot you magically get from them once you’ve slaughtered all the zombie hordes. That’s why I think those should be removed.

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Maybe guns just shouldn’t damage houses. Bullet penetration was mentioned in the Devlogs, so the lowest tier buildables could let almost any projectile pass through without much of a change in its ballistics or damage value, while the highest tier buildables would stop most projectiles, and significantly impact the ballistics and damage of the few types that can get through.


But horde beacons are a good concept in my opinion, it’s just they are badly executed. It’s supposted to revolve around a gamble of possibly being killed, massive waste of ammo, and a reward if you succeeded. They are simply too easy for the loot it gives. It nerfing the given loot, along with my light beacon suggestion, they should become balanced.

I have not looked at the recent devlogs, so I am fully unaware of that. I am just presenting a concept in it’s rawest state, if the gunplay and physics heavily improve in Unturned 4, this concept could be altered for the better.

This is more applicable to a separate game mode, but in an open world survival it doesn’t, since 4.x is going for hardcore realism, and crafting a makeshift generator that attracts zombies and can contain high-tier loot when all killed, made from some wires, explosives and chemicals, is just anything but realistic.

Your idea fits much better if there’s an NPC quest on which you must defend a position which holds a large zombie-luring device, and there will also be airdrops for each certain number of waves to help out (as survival mode maps works in No More Room In Hell).

Luring/baiting noise-making beacons are fair and realistic enough. I think that easiest way possible to get high-tier stuff should be airdrops, and just airdrops.


definitely agree. what if horde beacons weren’t used for loot from the zombies but used to swarm a group in a city or used to raid someones base. And you could use it anywhere, not just where zombies spawn.

If you want to attract hordes of “the turned” then we could have items like fire crackers (throwable), radio that is emitting sound (placeable)

No need for a magic voodoo box.


Thats a great idea, maybe even have only doors and windows breakable and remove the ability to move walls after being placed for a certain amount of time so that players dont make doorless bases=unraidable bases…

Yeah I hate them bases made of just walls.

FYI, doorless bases are not unraidable by a longshot. They are actually virtually just as easy to raid.

I know they are but it looks silly/ugly

FYI if walls and roofs become undestructible then yeah it pretty much is an unraidable base