Raiding Survey

Over the years raiding balance has shifted significantly from updates like detonators and low/highcal ammunition, and for a while my position has been to leave it to per-server tuning. Considering the amount of feedback however, I really should have done this sooner:

Open Survey

Edit: Shortly after posting someone spammed 17,000 responses, so I’ve deleted all responses and required a Google account sign-in to answer. This was for the first 20 minutes of the poll so I don’t think there were many legitimate answers yet.


Are you actually using this information to improve it for UII, or are you going to change how raiding works in 3.x?

I ask because I recall you saying that you really didn’t want to make anymore dramatic game changing updates to 3.x.

LOL who actually did that


i liek this plan btw


Yep the plan is to adjust 3’s vanilla balance if the feedback is definitive!


As much as I love seeing 4.0 being worked on, going back to 3.0 to rework concepts is also equally thrilling to me. I really hope this sort of stuff continues :))


oh my god a survey from the man himself

Thank you Nelson.
You reaching out to this in this way is very nice of you and I like how we can influence the game more like this.

Keep up the good work!

I definitely think it was a good idea to ask for feedback from the community, I’m just afraid that generally the things that we might take from the survey will be the same things the community has been saying over and over again, but maybe I’m wrong, maybe it won’t happen or it might not even turn out to be a problem at all.

Raiding has been super unbalanced in the past and im glad the community is being asked about that now.
In my opinion its not just the raiding thats a bit easy, its the horde beacon being too easy for what loot you get and how long it takes to build a base. Bases should be easy to build - hard to upgrade. But however all in all raiding is easy especially for more experienced players.


This questionnaire is very useful,But Chinese players can’t access Google normally because GFW。I can also conduct a survey in the China Players Forum and send the results here. Of course, I will also use the login to vote.

raiding is extremely easy as explosives/machineguns are fast to acquire

base health should be adjusted at 4x at least since two c4 are required to take down metal wall, or 70 mg shots

metal bases are way too time consuming due to high metal costs per structure

horde beacon must give loot based on location and zombie drop instead of puking top loot everywhere it placed

Bases should have more health, but that won’t change much. I think LMGs should be rebalanced to do actual LMG things, instead of just being “Destroy a wall” guns.
Horde beacons should definitely be nerfed.

Then again, I’m just repeating what others have said, so I definitely hope these are majority opinions on the subject.