Rail Mounting Style, Rail Extenders, and Rail Splitters

Hello Again Everyone, I’ve been thinking around and watching some videos lately not. I bet you are all wondering why I’m saying this, well, its kinda a long story. After a while of scrolling through YouTube for more games to play, I found a game called “Hot dogs Horseshoes And Hand Grenades” Or H3VR for short and saw that the rail mounting system was extremely versatile. For example, you could slide a laser or a flashlight up and down a rail and put it anywhere you want and still be able to slide on more attachments. Another thing in the game is rail splitters and adapters (3\8 Dovetail and Ruger 10\22 style rails). The splitters would take one rail and split is so then there are two side by side rails. A Rail Extender would just make a rail longer.
Just a Thought

(TL:DR, dynamic rails and rail splitters)

                                                  - ChaseGotNerfed
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This is already in the game. More attachments to make your guns more adaptable will probably be added in the future

EDIT: I believe that this is the second thread that you’ve made suggesting things that are either already in the game or confirmed for future implementation. My suggestion: Do a bit of research into your topic on whether it is already in the game or confirmed. This can be as simple as just looking at the UII trello or a simple google search.


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