RAM card question

So here’s a picture of the RAM cards I have in my Acer Aspire E15. My question is, the card is labeled 4GB. Are both cards 4GB each then, or are both cards combined 4GB? I understand if I sound dumb- I’m not a computer person. I threw out the label that said how much RAM was on the laptop.
I’m just asking this so I have an idea of what I have now, so I can upgrade them appropriately and hopefully get better performance, if that works :grin:

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I would suggest just turning on your laptop and checking. Opening up the laptop itself seems a bit excessive just to check the total capacity of RAM.

But since you’ve already gone through the effort of just opening the thing, it tells you what the part is – so you should just look it up.

image image

Each stick is a 4Gb DDR4 stick of RAM.


It only took ten seconds to open it up so I figured I’d do it that way

Part number. Got it. Didn’t realize that.
Ok thank you!


dont use it it went bad years ago

So I found an 8gb one I’ll buy eventually
Don’t worry guys it ships with amazon fresh

It better be fresh amazon

You can check your computer caracteristics directly from windows(go to the my PC app if I remember well).If those are 2 bars of 4GB or RAM each well it’s simple! with simple math :4GB+4GB=8GB.Yu have 8GB of RAM If I didn’t make any error.

That seems really overpriced for just a single stick. You shouldn’t be buying just a single stick anyways. 4x2 8 GB would be better, and probably the same price if not cheaper.

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32 gb i use its good i have no ram issue but thats where 50% of my pc budget went.

Oh oof got it didn’t realize that

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