Random Boost : Making It great

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Boring backstory

Back in 2015, playing with my buddies from school, I was enthralled by the idea of skills. We would compare different movement skills and see which ones are more efficient and then farm trees for hours to get XP. The thing that caught the eye the most was the “Random Boost”. The idea of choosing between a list of skills was just so interesting to me. You had to sacrifice something to gain something completely different. I had imagined a future of unturned where the list of skills would be endless because at the time there was only 4 to choose from (Splatterific, Flight, Hardened, Olympic) but here we are 5 years later with the same boring set of skills where everyone just goes for hardened or flight because nobody throws grenades and the other one just reduces FPS.


Salvager /// +50% Salvage Speed
Springy /// + 15% Jump Height
Agile /// + 15% Equip Speed + 15% Reload Speed
Tanky /// +10% Damage -10% Jump/Speed
Hoarder /// +3 Slots to Hands
Brawler /// +10% Punch Damage (not melee)
Lucky /// +10% Resource Yield (from trees & boulders)
Looter /// +10% More Loot (from zombies)
Hunter /// +50% Animal Damage
Enduring /// -25% Durability Loss (very useful on easy)
Rogue /// +1% Chance to avoid damage (op)
Conserving /// +1% Chance to not use ammo (RPG OPPP)
France /// +15% Backwards Movement Speed
Hector /// +20% Movement Speed After Taking Damage
Splatterific 2 /// -50% FPS
Friendly /// +20% Healing/Experience/Reputation when helping other players
Solace /// +20% Healing below 15% HP
Catharsis /// +10% Damage below 15% HP
Wild /// +20% Hipfire Accuracy -15% Hipfire Recoil
High /// +100% Longer Berry Effects
Lightweight /// -50% Immunity, +100% Radiation Healing (vaccines, etc)
Unlucky /// +Negative Effects (less drops, higher chance to drop, +20% chance to get hit by a stray bullet)
Placebo /// Claims it does +10% Vehicle Handling but it’s just placebo
P2W /// +10% Damage to non-gold members
F2P /// +10% Damage to gold members
Destroyer /// +10% Damage to barricades -10% Damage to structures
Wrecker /// -10% Damage to barricades +10% Damage to structures
Unstable /// Firing a weapon causes the entire magazine to be shot out
Rigid /// Cannot crouch/prone
Handy /// +50% Faster barricade/structure place speed
Rough /// When punched, attacker takes some damage
Sluggish /// +15% Melee Damage -20% Melee Speed
Metabolic /// +10% Food/Water gain on consume
Picky /// -10% Food/Water gain on consume, regeneration threshold decreased to 80%
Tunneling /// Halves FOV
Lunar /// Bullet drop is reversed
Unstable /// +25% Recoil -10% Movement Speed
Vision /// Doubled scope zoom
Rapid /// Allows sprinting & shooting with secondaries

I would like to give a sincere thank you to my friends over at modz2much, namely @NSTM @Phyyrin @Renaxon @Wolf_Maniac for being an inspiration to me and helping me out with this list. I hope that




I also agree that


I really hope that


Be nice if you could have up to three random boosts active to synergize with the number of new boosts.

Also unstable is there twice.

What about the bruh

P2w lmao…

You know what would be cool?

i would like to apolagise for this mistake. i will make sure it never happens again.


No, I mean you have two different ones with the same name.

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Combine the Salvager and a part of the Handy perk into the Builder perk, giving +50% Salvage Speed and +50% Faster Structure Placement Speed.
Personally, being the PvE construction worker guy that I am, this would be entirely worth the constant rerolling.

Make it a bit higher than 10% to make punch attacks more viable with this perk, whether you’re stuck with it or just want to slap the shit out of some zombies.
I like the general idea of this one, though.

Maybe more likely to drop more resources from killing animals?
Small chance of double drops maybe, or something similar to that.

the cha cha slide but with 500% reverb


Make it just hallucination effects in general.
Fun times.

Non-sus random roll time

I don’t exactly like these but they seem interesting

If the magazine hits an entity or structure it does damage equivalent to how many bullets are left in the mag, but is extremely inaccurate and gives +420% recoil because fuck you.

Professional /// Every weapon is assigned to a random corresponding weapon from Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and respectively gains the same recoil pattern as that weapon.

Name it Run n’ Gun instead

Gunslinger /// Allows dual wielding of pistols and 1-handed weapons
Quick-Draw /// +100% Equip and holstering speed
Drunk /// +738% Recoil