Random crafting output

I saw that you can make blueprints output rewards on the documentation:

Blueprints can use quest conditions and rewards. A common usage is to make it so a blueprint is only available during a seasonal event. For more information, refer to the documentation for Conditions and Rewards respectively.

I tried to setup a recipe for crafting with a random output utilizing the rewards system, but it didn’t work. Did this for the blueprint:

Blueprint_2_Type Gear
Blueprint_2_Supplies 4
Blueprint_2_Supply_0_ID 68
Blueprint_2_Supply_0_Amount 4
Blueprint_2_Supply_1_ID 285
Blueprint_2_Supply_1_Amount 2
Blueprint_2_Supply_2_ID 71
Blueprint_2_Supply_2_Amount 1
Blueprint_2_Supply_3_ID 67
Blueprint_2_Supply_3_Amount 2
Blueprint_2_Level 2
Blueprint_2_Skill Craft
Blueprint_2_Build 27
Blueprint_2_Rewards 1
Blueprint_2_Reward_0_Type Item_Random
Blueprint_2_Reward_0_ID 37594
Blueprint_2_Reward_0_Amount 1

And this for the spawn table that the reward comes from:

GUID 7bfe3e405e7f4c5cb56a18e861914adb
Type Spawn
ID 37594

Tables 2
Table_0_Asset_ID 37112
Table_0_Weight 50
Table_1_Asset_ID 37114
Table_1_Weight 50

does anyone know what I’m doing wrong, and how to fix it? Or is this just not possible to do with crafting?

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A reward is not an output or product. You still need an output or product specified for it to be a valid crafting recipe! Here’s a modified version of the Eaglefire salvage blueprint, with Item_Random.

Blueprints 1
Blueprint_0_Type Tool
Blueprint_0_Supplies 1
Blueprint_0_Supply_0_ID 4
Blueprint_0_Product 67
Blueprint_0_Products 3
Blueprint_0_Build 27
Blueprint_0_Rewards 1
Blueprint_0_Reward_0_Type Item_Random
Blueprint_0_Reward_0_ID 1
Blueprint_0_Reward_0_Amount 5

Thanks molt! Would that give the product in addition to the random reward? Also, is there a way to make it just give the random reward, but still display the product on the recipe?

Or made the product get deleted when crafted and then give the random reward or something.

Thanks again for the help! I managed to setup randomized crafting outputs (thanks for the idea Nicky!) with that. Video of it here.

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This is honestly one of the best features in the game and its being really slept on

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