Random stat multiplayers

Unpopular opinion. Unturned should have random stats on them.
Crafted guns will have different grades. This is based of skill and a little luck.
This would have a rarer multiplayer for spawned items and weapons.
Guns could have a permanent accuracy/range/damage/stability increase or decrease.
This rewards crafters as they will get greater multipliers.
(Say like a legendary maplestrike with a minor damage and accuracy increases or something)
I don’t think this will be added, it wouldn’t be magic or enchanted or anything, just well made weapons will be better than poor made weapons.

I think this will add a little luck to Unturned and crafting, weapons could be reforged or something if they had a bad multiplyer, so you wouldnt be stuck with an inaccurate low range sniper.

I don’t like adding RNG elements to what doesn’t need them. Plain and simple.

I expect a brand-new, factory C7A2 to do exactly a certain amount of damage, handle a certain way. Any randomness that is present should be due to user skill IMO and not some “luck” factor that is entirely out of control. Want RNG to play into gameplay? That’s already how loot spawns work.

Also, I really can’t imagine this being applicable for anything other than makeshift/improvised armament. After all, you really shouldn’t be able to craft a military-grade firearm yourself, and they’re mass-produced in factories to be virtually identical.


We don’t need more RNG as GHJ said. This would not only easily screw you over at times. As every weapon would be unreliable to a degree. It would just add unneeded complexity.

Very unpopular opinion!

Pls no rng or bloom

it should be an option
if you cant choose which stat you want, you can go into the menu and turn on and the game will decide
Random Stat: On/Off

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