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so i was thinking about new features the other day and i have a few concepts to share with you all…

first: the implementation of mùulti save slots so you can get a few russia games or hawaii…and seperate configurations

second: better gold upgrades because if you think about it you only get a few skins and caracter customiztions and there is nevzer any gold servers online…so maybe buffs (a lil bit more health and speed?) or starting EXP maybe even a special loadout of one item???

and third: more maps… ik ppl make maps on the workshop but i can’t seem to find any good ones or the good ones are not complete

thank you for reading if there is any objections just comment i guess

                                                                              urs truly -gamingknight

Definitive no.


With gold you can have more characters, each one can have an individual save for every map, is this what you want?



No. Gold is to help nelson, not to fill your necessity in the game. It’s a matter of practise.

That already exists, as you talked about gold, I’m guessing you HAVE gold. It adds 5 save slots. That’s more than enough.

Making maps takes time. A lot of it. You can find very good maps on the workshop, you just need to look on the right place.

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