Random suggestions for u4

  • bleeding effect would make the player leave a trail of blood on the ground

  • after killing a zombie with a mele weapon your weapon would be covered with blood

  • player would have visible injuries on his player model if he has low health

  • arrows stick to zombies if they get shot (like in minecraft)

  • car windows shouldn’t break in a single hit and should have visible damage (windows can be cracked and have bullet holes)

  • houses should have more rooms to look more realistic

  • zombies should instead of spawning out of nowhere , spawn outside of the map borders and wander into the towns

  • if vehicles get to 0% health they won’t explode, they would just require vehicle parts to repair.
    Only way to fully destroy a vehicle is with explosion damage.

  • vehicles shouldn’t respawn ,only way to get a new vehicle is from bandit patrols witch would spawn outside of the map and wander into the map over time

  • bandit bases should be on random locations for players to raid for extra loot

  • running turned should run like normal zombies just faster because u3 runners look ridiculous

  • specal zombies (fire,acid,flanker) would only spawn in some locations (flanker - full moon, science facilities , acid - science facilities, burning - burned down buildings and when normal zomie gets hit by a molotov)

  • ability to recruit friendly npcs that you could rescue from bandits to help you guard your base or help you farm and collect resources (cut down trees)

  • maps should be in a fictional place (I dont want maps to be created just because of making a new map) instead I would like maps to be updated to include new features as they are getting added

  • dynamic surrounding ( car noises in the distance, police sirens , gunshots , planes flying by , corpses around the map, car alarms , and maybe screaming in the distance
    I really want to know what you think about it

  • cars can get dirty if you drive in mud , and snow should appear on the roof if its snowing

That is all for now I might make some changes to the post later.

  • I like all suggestions
  • I like most of the suggestions but…
  • I don’t like most of these suggestions because…
  • I dont have an opinion

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i see that you like blood


My feedback.


Yes, should also be with players.

Don’t know if I like this, depends on how it would look/work.

Yes, something like the game rust has, that arrows and spears stick in the wall or any object.


Don’t know if it’s really something necessary, this is more of a personal preference.

Don’t know how it would turn out.

I think there should be a different system that makes a vehicle have different damageable pieces.

Something like this would be nice.



I prefer a new zombie strength system, were some zombies are a bit stronger or faster or smarter etc. just a bit randomized.


Don’t know.

I like this if it’s actually a thing, a scenario that happens and not just a random sound that doesn’t have any meaning.



The reason I want nelson to do this is because he wont have to create a lot of maps, he could use that time to work on other features
And I dont like how some features can be found only on certain maps (blimp,train,formula…)


not if you have a police baton, then you can ruin the window in 2 swings

if you wanna spend the extra amount of time detailing every single house on the map to make it look realistic than be my guest

that would be like yukon except extremely boring

makes sense to me

if you want to wander the map at the pace of a turtle than enjoy because i’d rather quit than fight bandits for sedan

i do like the Locations that we currently have like Yukon and Russia, but i definitely think there should be some fictional towns

Maps should be updated in general on normal unturned. Seriously most of these maps need some refreshing like PEI or Yukon

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The curated system has overall worked out pretty well, despite one or two maps that’s weren’t entirely up to par. Nelson hasn’t made an Unturned map in almost three years (Germany). I imagine that’s not going to change.


That’s a lot of suggestions

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This post would be a tad easier to read if the suggestions were grouped and formatted better but hey

I think a lot of these are too detailed for II (weapon covered in blood, visible injuries, etc).

These I’m all not a fan of. I really don’t see how zombies spawning outside of the map would work especially for locations in the center of the map, or locations that are underground or sealed off and meant to have Turned inside.
While I also think that vehicles shouldn’t just randomly explode because they got shot with a rifle, I think hitting the fuel tank of a car with the right weapons should also result in an explosion.
Vehicles should respawn normally, although for II I hope they’re a bit less common. As much of a fan of bandits in Unturned as I am, I don’t like the idea of bandit patrols with vehicles. Overall it ends up being really complex for Nelson while introducing concepts I’m not so sure I want.
I think bandits should spawn at fixed “stronghold” locations as opposed to random ones. This helps with not interfering with player identification (aka confusing a bandit for a player or a player for a bandit) as bandit locations are fixed and known.

that’s a lot of meaningless posts made to try to get regular - maybe try and contribute at least somewhat? even a “i like these ideas, good job” would be better than a blank statement


While I do think adding most of these features would make the game look more realistic, implementation might be hell. I honestly don’t know much about game development, but I know that adding a lot of detailing consumes a lot of time, and programming NPCs to go around helping you seems very tricky. Also, more detailing means slower performance.

Yes, though could be annoying. Rain could potentially wash away the blood. Snow would become soaked in it.

Might as well include players. Might be better to reserve blood-soaked weaponry to skins, but still seems fun :)

Would be complicated with all the cosmetics, clothing items, and other stuff. But as long as a precedent is set for it early on, it shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

Seems fun.

Not breaking in a single hit is a must. Bullet holes will most likely be decals.

While we’re on the topic of glass, I want glass to shatter, instead of just disappearing. Have it breaks into multiple pieces, something, anything, please!

Houses currently do feel quite a bit cramped, the stairs also might not be clipped, since I’ve noticed some jittering on them, though that might just be my imagination

Not practical, would mean locations would be empty. It’d be more jarring to see zombies waltz into locations from the map board then it would for them to just, appear. No one complained about this in 3.x, so why try to fix it here?

Don’t think this should be removed either. It’s pretty common for cars to blow up in games, regardless of how they’re damaged. People blow up cars in 3.x to make new ones spawn since a lot of people just go up to cars and lock them. I know Nelson is trying to counter this problem with the car keys. Blowing up cars can also be used in tactical ways, and also as a punishment for being careless with your vehicle. I don’t see why this should change.

This just hurts gameplay. Why should we prevent new players from getting vehicles? This just encourages hoarding vehicles on mass if you’re a powerful group since it would prevent players from being able to effectively raid you.

Not a bad idea, though they shouldn’t be random imo. It would give Bandits places to come from. Would also provide a challenging area for players to attempt to conquer.

Why should we change this???

I don’t see much of a point in limiting where special zombies should be able to spawn. This could potentially decrease the challenge of everyday locations.

I don’t think content like this has a place in Unturned, this kind of labour should have to be carried out by groups, not NPCs that do everything for the player.

We’ll still see a lot of real-life places, that’s the president for Unturned at this point. We’ll likely see more fictional locations though. One thing I forsee happening is creators adding more interesting custom content to their maps, and also making locations only loosely based off of the namesake of the map.

There shouldn’t be sounds in the game that aren’t generated by players, except for animals. This could trick the player into thinking their in danger when in reality they’re all alone.

Snow already appears on roofs iirc.

While we’re on the topic of Cars, snow should make handling cars a lot harder. More drag, and not as sharp turnings.

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Exploding vehicles is useful as it’s a good way for a game to remove them and spawn new ones. If vehicles never exploded (except for explosion damage), you’d find a lot of useless vehicles around the map. That means:

  • no salvaging the vehicle for items/scrap
  • the vehicle might be in a situation where it can’t be easily unlocked/driven even if you had parts
  • the vehicle could be stuck somewhere and the only way to remove it is to waste explosives
  • vehicles rarely spawn after the server first starts up