Random UII Ideas

Just a few ideas I’ve had that weren’t really big enough to warrant their own post, so I’m lumping 'em together in a slightly bigger post.

1.) Keep the classic zombie face, I know Nelson wants to branch out a bit when it comes to enemy design, and that’s good, but please don’t change the zombie face, it might not seem like much, but that derpy little mug is just iconic, I think removing it would be detrimental not only to the artstyle, but also to Unturned’s brand. I think we would all miss that face cheerily looking at us as it tries to eat our brains.

2.) Perhaps being able to break down furniture to get materials, sort of like project zomboid, I’m not sure how this would fit into the game balance-wise however.

3.) I’m sure this has been brought up many times before, but Unturned 2’s weapon sandbox should be geared towards survival, military-grade equipment should be rare, and have drawbacks, I think the focus should be on crafting new weapons and modifying existing ones, which I hope to detail in a future post.
( “I know Alfa, we keep hearing about it but when are you going to get around to making the damn thing?”)

4.) Large items, like tires and jerrycans, would be too big to fit in your inventory, instead you would have to use special racks on vehicles to move them around (you could still carry them with your hands, but if you wanted to do anything you would have to set it down first), you wouldn’t just be able to shove your spare tire in the glove box like you can in 3.0. This mechanic would also tie into vehicle modification, as you could add additional cargo racks to carry more stuff.

5.) Minigames when performing certain tasks, a few examples in other games would be fallout’s lock picking and the door hotwiring minigame in the new wolfenstein games. Imagine if you were trying to acquire a car, and instead of just holding a button to break in, you would have to maneuver a slim jim in the door and try to find the lock, and then having to physically hotwire the car by attempting to cross two wires the right way without setting off the alarm.

6.) Gibbing, players, zombies, animals, I don’t care just let me blow it apart. Maybe zombies that survived the blast would still try to crawl after you even after having their legs blown off.

7.) Gunfire should carry much farther, both balancing out long-range weapons and making suppressors much more useful, speaking of which…

8.) My idea to balance out suppressors would be, in addition to them having a negative affect on range and ballistic drop, having them build up heat, shooting produces heat, and if too much builds up, you’d melt the suppressor, which would in turn render your gun inoperable as there is molten metal clogging your barrel, get too trigger happy and you’ll ruin that shiny AK you swiped off a bandit. You would still be able to fix your gun at a workbench, but it’s still probably best to take off your suppressor before you start spraying.

9.) The ammo counter HUD element would be a server option, if toggled off, you would no longer be able to see how many bullets there are in your mag at a glance, you would have to check in your inventory, or maybe there could just be a Tarkov-style weighing animation, giving you a rough idea of how many rounds you have left.

10.) I’ve seen a lot of people make detailed and interesting mockups of their idea of what the UII main menu screen should look like, and I would love to throw my hat in the ring, unfortunately I’m too ̶p̶o̶o̶r̶ cool for photoshop, so all you guys get is text. The Main menu would be dynamic, sort of like in half life 2, the background would be various locations, a shopping mall filled with turned, shuffling around in real time, maybe a bandit camp, with bandits patrolling the woods around.

11.) This one somewhat ties in with #4, basically, containers with sub-inventories (medkits, ammo cans, etc) would be placeable, if you can’t spare the space in your backpack, no problem, just set it down in the bed of your truck. I got this from another survival game in development, Dead Matter, one of the dev videos showed off a really cool system for storage of large items, I’ll link it down below.

12.) When wearing Night vision goggles, you shouldn’t be able to look down scopes, in 3.0, you can wear NVGs while looking down scopes and it makes the dedicated night vision scope completely irrelevant. Maybe have it you can’t use certain optics with NVGs, or just make it so you can’t aim down sights at all, requiring you to rely on lasers, with an animation like the one in MW 2019.

13.) Simple puzzles to make looting more interesting, for example, you want to access the armory on the second floor of a police station, there’s just one problem, the stairs are blocked, there’s an elevator, but the power is out, so you would have to find a way to power the elevator to get to the armory. This is just one example, the possibilities for different puzzles could be nigh endless.

14.) Let us put scopes on pistols again! Why? I don’t know, immersion 'n stuff.

15.) Playable arcade machines, that you would be able to haul back to your base. Maybe have knockoff versions of popular games, to give us something to do on those cold Yukon nights.

16.) Being wet should make you cold, and swimming would make you tired, this would offer two benefits, boats would be more useful, and large bodies of water with no bridges could be used as a progression barrier, forcing players to fix up a boat or air vehicle to get across.

Dead Matter video: right here

Well, that’s all folks, as always, I look forward to hearing thoughts and opinions down below.


I think instead of different guns being necessarily “good” or “rare” or whatever like they are in 3.0 and before, the best guns would be those that were repaired and upgraded, in good condition, etc. If you go to a military base guns there shouldn’t be harder to find than at a farm for instance, but they shouldn’t be able to be picked up and used as a reliable weapon right there - a gun that’s actually useful would need to be put together from parts that have been pilfered from other guns (or crafted).

In addition to my last point, I don’t think bandits should come with upgraded guns either, they should have the same poorly maintained guns that you’d find spawned. I think this would deter players from farming NPCs for good guns as well as promote trading with friendly NPCs instead.


A few more ideas for building and shit because I like building in this game. This comes down the line once all the fundamentals have been added to the game. These are just to make places look prettier and are cosmetic for the most part but could hold practical use if one so chooses to.

  1. Customizable Flags and banners, similar to that of minecraft’s banner system but with more customizability whether it be dragging a png or jpg file from MS Paint into a flag or some shit, I like customizable flags that flap in the wind. Not a still object that you only put words and letters on. I really don’t give a shit if edgy 14 year olds make nazi or commie flags or some stupid shit because I want to be able to make pretty flags and banners. It would also be cool for Medieval themed survival servers.

(Let’s be honest the current Unturned buildable flags fucking suck, I want to make actual flags, not placards on a long stick) (This is what I want below with said flags waving in the wind)

  1. More walls and base building options. Which is why I’ve been putting the idea of paint into everyone’s mind. With the paint bucket or dyes, you can select any color with an RGB scale or just put in any color code to get a color so you can look pretty looking bases and houses, as well as towns and shit or a cheap way to make your base camouflaged. Also interior walls and what I’d call “vertical half walls” so the outside may be a log cabin but the inside is like a suburban house and such.

  2. More furniture. Jesus fucking christ, I want more furniture options and the ability to customize your base as you please. Whether it be thrones so your local survival warlord can larp as a Medieval King in your survival world, or other furniture pieces to make a comfy cabin in the middle of a snowy map, or rugs and carpets based on animal hide, potted plants, etc.

  3. More sources of light like candles and lanterns. The ability to light your home without electronics. (Go figure, it’s candles and lanterns)

  4. This is way down the line and should be implemented later but I don’t believe it’s likely at all. The ability to build brick by brick structures such as castles and igloos. I think this would be too far of a reach for a game like Unturned II personally speaking unless Unturned II is going to have a different building system than Unturned I.

As you can see all these ideas are mainly for buildings and or decretive because I personally want to customize a base or safezone or town or whatever you’d like to call it. I believe customization of bases would be pretty cool but should be a mid to low level priority.


Yeah you’re right, although I do think that some locations should spawn better equipment. In my opinion though, a crafted weapon should be worse than a pristine manufactured weapon, you could upgrade it to your tastes, but it still wouldn’t be the absolute best you can get. I do however still love the idea of cobbling guns out of whatever you could find, it could make for some really cool-looking guns.

On an interesting sidenote, in regards to finding guns at farms and military bases, I think if a zombie apocolypse or something like it occurred in the real world, you would be far more likely to find firearms at the farm, everyone knows where the military base is, everyone knows it has guns, so the place would be picked clean within weeks (assuming there is no military and the government has completely collapsed). Not really related to the game but still interesting to think about.

The “shiny AK” was more for the sake explanation than an actual suggestion of what bandits should carry, I think there should be different tiers of bandits with different equipment and behavior. The well equipped ones would be far more rare.


All great ideas, I’ve actually got a whole post on bases, in regards to building brick by brick structures, I would favor a system like “The Forest”, basically you build structures one log at a time, it’s a somewhat tedious process but it’s so satisfying when you finally finish your gigantic fort. But wait, there’s more, when multiple people work together, building large bases becomes a lot easier, giving an incentive to team up.

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I didn’t mean entirely crafted weapons. I think guns should be able to be disassembled into component parts, which could be interchangeable and certain parts could be crafted. I’m referring to crafting components for existing weapons, and using components from spawned weapons to repair your own.

So, you find a spawned weapon and disassemble it, using the parts to maintain another, and things like that, and the same parts could be crafted.


Good ideas.

he said the line, now laugh


He isn’t the only one though.


A few more ideas.

  1. Rideable Animals. Like horses, and the ability for said horse, donkey, or mule to pull a horse drawn wagon with it. I’d like to see a proper Western Frontier based zombie survival server for once. Also some saddles to go along with it.

  2. The ability for emplacement based weapons and vehicles that can be drawn like field guns, howitzers, and tripod mounted machine guns. (Two examples being a Maxim Gun of any variant or an M2 Browning). This idea of two piece emplacement weapons was proposed for Foxhole but it was never added to the game itself. (NOTE: This is just to make two piece weapons and weapons emplacements easier for mod creators to create and add to the steam workshop)

  3. New Armor System, like I mentioned back 11 months ago with a grading system from Light Anti-Infantry tier, which should be able to go through normal vehicles like butter all the way up to Hard Anti-Tank weapons (which are extremely rare like tanks and APCs) along with a dynamic armor system similar to that of Foxhole (yes, WARCORP bringing up Foxhole up again for ideas) with the ability to damage components of the tank such as the tracks, engine, and gun.

  4. Craftable clothing with the ability to dye it. For simplicity’s sakes for the paint and dyes, it’ll just be called either a paint bucket or a dye pack with a 256 R,G,B, slider or alternatively a dye pack with select colors such as “bright dye pack” for brighter colors with lime or red or “neutral dye pack” for more neutral colors with khaki and gray, or a specific dye pack with a color with variations of said color to choose from so one can dye their clothes as they please. Either cloth shirts and pants and leather clothes, bandoliers, webbing load, belts, various hats, messengers bags, backpacks, to give a plethora of examples. You could see distinct uniforms for groups in servers become way more common and not just combo of X,Y,Z set of cookie cutter clothes #2386. No, you would see distinct group outfits in certain survival servers to identify one another just as one sees a Victorian era military, or a proper era militia.

  • This idea sparked in me when I was working on another concept idea for a server which I’ve had deep in the back of my mind which I’ll talk about in another thread. I’d absolutely love it if Nelson added cloth and leather clothing that you could actually dye in the game. I’d love it even more if there were variants of shirts that you could both craft and dye. (I’ll go further into detail on this later)
  1. Likely to be a far fetched concept and maybe even relegated to the status of being a workshop mod if the idea itself is lucky. But the ability to apply war paint to your face. Like how the Lakota Sioux and Akicita did and was later adopted by the Filthy Thirteen during World War II.

  2. More animals other than cows, pigs, deer, wolves, and bears. How about sheep that you can feed and sheer for more specialization as well as the ability to lure animals onto a farm you can have a proper farm. Chickens so you can get eggs, cows that you could milk to make dairy products. Or at least give us an easy time so mod creators can mod this in Nelson. This mechanic would be great for specialization if you were to make a town or base. You could have a rancher or farmer for animals who’d make and sell crafted clothing items instead of having to rely purely on looting from towns.

  • You wouldn’t even have to loot towns, you could be a self sufficient man in his cabin who sells to other near by settlements, or in fact trades his own goods for other goods that he needs either by barter or by an in-game currency that everyone exchanges goods with (whether it be toonies and loonies or metal scrap, or ammo boxes)
  1. More Complex meals and food to cook and make. It’s also more of a cool thing to add so you can make more complex food types for friends. Not just simply making a sandwich, but rather requiring eggs, wheat, and water to make dough so you can cook a pizza or cake or pie, and other neat little gimmicks. It would be a more quality of life thing rather than anything necessary.

Those are seven more ideas that I have in my head. I’d ABSOLUTELY love if Nelson implemented dyable clothing and paintable buildables. Concepts #1, #2, and #9 are my babies that I ABSOLUTELY wish to come with Vanilla Unturned II.


Some of these things have been confirmed additions, like horses and farm animals I’m pretty sure.

In addition to your building suggestions, being able to actually sit in chairs would be good of course, and some kind of snap feature for placing objects, like props/furniture would automatically snap to the centre of a room and be positioned at straight angles, so that you don’t need to precisely rotate and position every single piece of furniture every time you want to place them down.

(I don’t mean you’d have to place them at straight angles/positions, but if they snapped to certain places when you hovered the mouse over a surface, similar to positioning image/text in word, photoshop etc).

Furniture/props could have places for other items to “snap” to as well, for example tables could have places that chairs could snap to, to easily position chairs next to them, ceilings could have hardpoints for lights and such. That would make detailing interiors way more easy and less finicky and time-consuming, while not compromising players’ creativity.


In all honestly, there are no Soft AT Weapons. You have your ordinary HE rockets used for infantry and materials that have minimal penetration capabilities, then you have a plethora of actual AT rockets like HEAT, Tandem HEAT and AP for older shoulder-fired AT systems.
It’ll be much better to have the weapon itself and then specific munitions that can be fired.
Those are the 7 standard-issue rounds for the RPG-7.

I think it’s pointless to have players search a specific RPG weapon for a specific ammo type. Make the weapons themselves rare and then have the different rounds spawn, makes more sense.


@darkySp I was talking more about a difference between Light and Heavy Anti-Tank weapons. Like an RPG-7 (Soft or Light Anti-Tank) as opposed to a BGM-71 TOW Missile (Hard or Heavy Anti-Tank). I should’ve clarified that further.

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Unturned with War Thunder ballistics penetration calculation


I don’t think it should go that deep.
Having different armor thicknesses and relative armor thickness based on the angle of attack is enough.
It does the job and it’s a little more interesting than just shooting an IFV head-on and doing the same damage as shooting at the roof.