Ranks to the military clothes

With ranks i mean like the coalition has their own rank on their shoulder like major or lieutenant, so i thought it would be nice to see mili clothes with ranks like pfc,corporal,sergeant and others on their shoulders.

That would be of no utility whatsoever. Coalition uniforms have ranks for a purpose.


I mean, this seems like something that would fit well in RP, but it also sounds like something that should be a mod, not vanilla game

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Why don’t you make your own mod that does the same thing?

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Or commision someone to do it for you

glances at iDrmzIt

Well, i mean, some people don’t know how. There’s a lot of places you could learn, though.


Haha already in it :wink:

mission failed, we’ll get em next time

I’m just the sad guy that doesn’t know anything

join the club :((