Rarer Military Spawns


One simple suggestion coming up.

Reduce the amount of military spawns in the map, such as crashed convoys, military bases etc. Increase amount of civilian spawns and guns such as small civilian pistols, farmer shotguns. Encourage players to use everyday items for survival and increase emphasis on makeshift weapons, rather than encouraging players to loot military bases and literally be the bringer of doom to the entire server.

Additionally, increase the hazard of looting military bases with higher spawn rates, encouraging players to group up for a looting run, (including player/NPC parties) or partake in quests for obtaining gear.


I thought lowering the amount of spawns in general was going to happen anyways, so you shouldn’t worry about that.


I think this is a good idea and hope it gets implemented. A survival game should be focused of actually surviving, not trying to loot everything military possible like Unturned 3.0. Good idea overall. +1


All of this was suggested, discussed, and (hopefully iirc) comfirmed.
The whole point of Unturned II is for it be a hardcore survival game which means forcing players to rely on whatever they find to survive as well as gun jammings and the like. If you were referencing the Washington map in this post, then yeah. Washington kinda is a PvP fest due to the intense amount of military spawns. I literally once found a Bluntforce with 1 shell, and that was enough for me to kill a highly geared player, taking all his loot.


Instead of not having military loot where he usually would have put military loot, I’d prefer just changing what’s in some of those spawntables. maybe some military locations would be more full of loot spawns for tools and simunitions than loot spawns for extremely deadly weapons.


This entire post is pretty much common sense if Nelson wants to make a survival game.


That kinda is what Nelson wants to do


He should make spawns make sense. Like the USA has lots of guns and thats because of the people and that should make sense. Because having lots of guns in a country that doesnt even have a bit of guns in real life is just a alternate dimension. :thinking:


I think that military locations shouldn’t be only rarer, but significantly more deadly also, and actually require skill to get past most of the hazards.


But it isn’t the same as our timeline. Humans haven’t discovered any means of traveling to an alternate dimension, nor have lifeforms from said alternate dimension invaded the earth and PEI didn’t form into a croissant shaped landmass. And in any case, gameplay comes before in-universe lore, which comes before replicating the real world.


Ok, you’ve got a point. Because in Unturned 3 France had a other history.


I’m not sure if you realize this, but it’s not just France. Every map ever made for Unturned is an alternate history setting.

And besides, I think we all know U3’s lore was a bit…well, I don’t even need to finish that

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but nobody discusses the problem that people log in at like 2am when servers are empty and farm easy loot


That was my basic strategy for playing the game on multiplayer.

This is a bit old screenshot. I was wearing the pineapple because it was the symbol of the group I was a part of.


Maybe because that’s not the topic of this thread?

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I like the idea. Having less military locations and spawns means more concentrated encounters.

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