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id appreciate ur opinion and how can i improve my work



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Those bullets (especially rifle ones) are quite contrasting with your guns, they seem to have much more detail (even if it’s just because they are simple subject on their own). The rifle itself also has some inconsistencies, holes in the handguard are okay but they look off next to very flat and simple receiver grip etc. Holes in the muzzle brake also look off, they are very small and sides of the muzzla brake are way too thick because of that.

Glock is better than the rifle but could use some more colors (on ejection, pins, trigger etc.), only thing which I can really point out about its model is the fact that barrel sides are really thin.

Another thing that’s off about both of those guns is single stack magazines and weird bullet design, rifle rounds are very long and thin while your pistol rounds have weird thick base base. Because you made magazines single stack they are also very thin which makes them look super weird in your much thicker guns.


definetly working on it
thank you very much for ur time

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i changed the bullet and smoothd the edges and tweakd a bit the grip and muzzel

first picture is smoothd

second isnt i think second one looks beeter but thats just me :slight_smile:

Your magazines are very undetailed conpared to the guns. (Also disgustingly thin)


It would help to understand what are you creating those models for and what style you want to keep, is it meant to be for 4.0? or is it just meant to be some low-poly model?

My biggest gripe has to be the fact that it looks like 3.0 Grizzly but with more curves around, from what I see you mostly just made couple bevels, which usually isn’t best option.

If it’s meant to be model of Barrett M82 it would definitely benefit to completely re-do the receiver and try to mimic the real one (your receiver looks still like Grizzly, which is okay rendition for 3.0 style Barrett but definitely not a good rendition if it’s meant to be low-poly). Reference pics where you can clearly see the receiver shape.


i remaking it almost done

dont minde the scope thingy


Now that’s much better (nice presentation too)! I’d argue that muzzle brake holes are still bit too small, magazine, and area where it goes in receiver, are bit too thick, bottom portion of the stock seems too thin too. It would also help to set apart the rubber butt plate from receiver, making it not shiny compared to metal parts would be a good start.


You need a trigger.


thers one i messd up camera angel so dosnt show

rescaled muzzule holes and changed the rubber butt plate color and aded wierd loocking scope its begining to take shape


Bipod is looking a little goofy and it may be tad too shiny, other than that pretty good.

yeah xd it bit wierd its in progres …

Much better.

ITS DONE extended mag and stock is more thick aded laser


looks like somethin outta rainbow 6

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Um medium.

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some other ones ( honest rating is appreciated )
took a whole day to make this 3

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Great work!
I hope I had the same skills like you

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