Rays ⚠ or lights A post about those things that fall from the sky that generate compiled on YouTube and you doing eating doritos

In devlogs Nelson mentioned lightning storms and in the trello mentioned that possibly the battery of the car would be completely drained if the car was struck I have some ideas.

-Bases:Very high bases are likely to be struck by lightning strikes, wooden bases catch fire, metal conducts electricity, and people on higher floors can suffer damage, brick bases only lose durability,Placing a metal antenna attached to the ground at the top resolves the problem.
-Wearing rubber clothing can reduce the damage if you are struck by lightning.
-Animals killed by lightning when skinned give roast meat.
-Objects like gps stop working if you get hit by lightning while holding it.
-Generators struck by lightning strikes stop working and need to be repaired as special equipment.
-Lightning strikes trees
-If it is hit while swim damage is more

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Okay what the hell is this, I can barely read this because of the formatting. What the hell is a Rays a?

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The title needed 5 letters

Come up with a better title than man.

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I put the symbol I saw on an electric fence that I played at the age of five lucky that the system was faulty and the voltage was lower

How about, “Lightning”?

Also lightning hitting trees and burning them is the only thing i agree with.

Lightning is the lightning Lightning is what does the damage

Mind blown.

What do rays have to do with anything anyway?

The lightning is a strong light I confused myself the lightning is only part of the ray nor does it actually is an effect

Pretty sure the lightning is the bolt of electricity itself, which also produces light.
Either way “Lightning” is a better title than “Rays”.

Is that such “rayghts”?

This would get ridiculously annoying. This would prevent people from having there stash and the roof. Where most loot rooms, would force people to only have 2 floors or 3, which makes raiding easier, and base building terrible.

What is this? Legend of Zelda breath of the wild? So lemme guess, all our scrap metal, metal weapons, armor will get shocked if were wearing something other than rubber Armour? this is probably one of the most bs things I’ve heard in my entire life.

more or less it should be burnt

Why? and what else are ya gonna say? our chart will burn up because of the amount of energy shocked on the map? once again, Bs.

this is the only thing i agree with. now words exchanged here.

what is hit? when the player is hit? im not too sure constant damage is the worlds best thing. We swim because its a shortcut instead of walking with some danger lurking below like players or maybe even sea life.

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Armor will not be shocking and you ignored the part of the surge arresters that is at the top of the base , rays will only reach bases with 10 more floors those that you look at and think "My God who took the trouble to do something so great and Very high "


Fairly sure when people get struck by lightning they only get burns on the outside of their skin, so i don’t think it would actually affect the meat at all.

He means if you’re hit while swimming the damage is increased, but i don’t think it’s even possible to be struck by lightning while in the water.

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Rare but possible

I meant you specifically, but i guess if it can hit the sea it can hit you too so :man_shrugging:

While yes, i will agree with you here, it is possible and rare, but please note,

Like a 1/10000000 chance of it happening.

don’t take that number seriously, its my guess.

And on the +side, it only happens to water just off coast of places.
So while yes PEI, Hawaii, Greece, and many other water related maps can have water get struck by lightning,
It is very rare.

infim on the high seas

Actually , a lighting hiting a metal building will not harm a human if there is a connection between the metal structure and ground, If there’s no connection than the human will day, I agree whit TophatPesky thats annoying .

Nope :rofl::rofl::rofl: it would be as deadly as using regular clothes , you should use a steel armor

If you survive at first…The gps the conductors inside would probable melt and then start to burn.

I think the generators would probable be damaged because you kept them in the middle of the rain , being struck by lighting would destroy them totally.

If a lighting would strike you in the water than you should affect you the same if its a direct hit , and should have some aria in which if strike than you get damage (damage should modify in function of the distance from you to lighing strike ) also the steel armor would be useless in water but may have some chances in which blocks the damage

Also just keeping at you electrical conductors even in backpack would make the striking chance higher .

Sounds cool and all… but I think having lightning with this much detail brings the idea in the “realism for realism is bad” category.

Maybe lightning should just hit randomly (maybe with higher chances to hit metallic antennas) and deal a **** ton of damage to electronic equipment.