Real names for guns

Will there be an option to use the real name of guns?
Likw the maple strike being called the c7a2 or the zubeknikov being called the ak 47.

This isn’t something that’s planned, both as an artistic choice and for other reasons.

I would suggest using a mod, or making a localization mod of your own (similar to 3.0), if you wanted gun names to more closely parody real-life (or something else).


This would be very satisfying to me, but then again you have to realize that SDG can’t use the real names unless they want to be force-fed copyright strikes and whatnot. A mod, as Molt said, would probably work just fine, however do expect the mod to get into some trouble whether it be a DMCA Takedown or some other stupid business with a copyrighted term or name.
Just know that if you choose to use one of these mods or create one yourself, any legal business that slaps you in the face is all on you or the mod creator.


Nah there much better like this

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Few free games do this, you need to pay a license, fortnite for example refers to M4 as an ‘’ assault rifle ‘’, and I think the names like ‘’ Eaglefire ‘’ give the game a little more identity, and even so, you will probably tell your friends ‘’ give me m4 ammo ‘’ referring to eaglefire, It is not a detail that will add much to the game, different other than starting to divide ammunition by caliber instead of generic terms such as ‘’ civil ammunition ‘’, ‘’ military ammunition ‘’ etc.

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Some sort of ‘Real name’ localisation mod would be a preferable alternative rather than as an option in the game officially.

Modders wouldn’t really get legal trouble. There’s plenty of mods in the first game that have real gun names, and I’ve never heard of a copystrike from anyone there


This is something that confuses me, I see a bunch of games using the real names like phantom forces or bad busness (both Roblox games) but not getting copyright strikes. Is it possible that Ro lox just paid for the license and now the games are permitted?

I was almost certain that there was something saying almost anybody could use real gun names. Or maybe that’s still limited in ways like it must be almost a recreation in quality. COD: MW started out with mostly real gun names but incorrect models and after some time they switched to completely fictional names, despite having real names in past games.

I can see this being more of a client side mod so that not everyone has to download and see it when joining a modded server.

Which is strange, because while Phantom Forces is able to use the name “Glock” another Roblox game, Reason 2 Die: Awakening (Basically L4D2 Roblox) was sent a copyright strike for using the Glock??
I’m seeing 2 possible things here.

  1. possible bias?
  2. copyright license paid for by PF devs?

I have no clue, Roblox and its community is 95% fucked as it is.

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