Realistic building system 2.0/rust/forest

This weekend, iv’e been playing quite a bit of Unturned 2.0 and while many people hate the building system i think that i found a cool alternative for 4.0!

You would use the paper blueprint to make a translucent psychological structure like in the forest. You would gather/craft the materials required for the particular structure foundation wall window ceiling etc
and it would be finished

building system

2.0 Had in my opinion one of the most complicated and realistic building systems. But in my opinion i love the complexity
Oh yea, please for the love of god, leave constructive criticism. Id love to see what you like/dislike

Constructive criticism.

For starters, a ton of people loved the 2.0 crafting menu. Me included.
Second, having the halographic shape of what you want to craft would ruin the surprise. Because people in 2.0 had to put shit together to find out what they did. So that takes out a big chunk of mystery in the game because everything you can craft is right there. So I disagree on the “The Forest” ghost buildings
But in order to craft complex items such as pistols, then I would agree that blueprints are required

I’m not entirely sure what you’re proposing, but if you’re saying we should need to find, have, and equip a blueprint for each buildable, I would disagree. I don’t see a huge problem with holographic/translucent/ghost/psychological buildings, but maybe some layout elements could be used instead.
I’m not a huge fan of the 2.X crafting system, because it was unintuitive, and you had to figure out crafting recipes by guess work, trial and error, or Googling. Ideally I would like crafting to work like it used to in stranded deep, where you would use tools on materials to work them into other materials, or hold them over a fire to cook them, but I understand that that system caused performance issues for Stranded Deep.

You only need 4 cloth to craft the blueprint and then you can build all you want including collecting wood

Unturned is not Rust and not The Forest!!!

While I disagree with the Rust/The Forest-based building system, I believe that there should be the option to place a translucent psychological structure in order to plan out base construction. I could also get onboard with snapping finished structures or barricades into those translucent spaces or gradually forming whatever you’re making, but I disagree with the blueprints idea. While maybe there could be some hard-to acquire unique blueprints or structures that look cosmetically different, locking most or all structures and barricades behind a Blueprint seems a bit too far, even for 4.0.

Yeah I don’t really like the idea blueprint of needing several unique blue prints in order to build a house. Maybe instead of a whole translucent structure, the buildables should start as chalk lines, story poles, and such. Some buildables should just be placed as is.

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