Realistic mode

I’m sure you have thought about it, maybe even considered writing a post about it. but why, in a zombie apocalypse, there is no virus? I mean, you have the green bar, but that’s pretty basic and underwhelming.
Let’s say you wanted to play unturned realistically, there would be 4 modes,
Easy normal realistic hard. Realistic would pop right in between hard and normal.

Features of REALISTIC mode:

In order to kill a zombie, you have to headshot it. No more shooting it in the arm and letting it fall dead.

If you get bit, use a vaccine within 5 minutes or you become a zombie ( non playable but there is now a zombie running around with your loot, time to get revenge )

Zombies are hypo sensitive to sound and can move faster than the player

Guns can now jam, preventing them from firing until you reload

New temperature system that allows more management: set temperature zones (eg: mountain is -5 ) and you need clothes that fit the temperature (can’t where a T-shirt in -8) instead you pick a jacket rated for -10 weather etc

Let me know if you want to change anything


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Everything except for headshotting zombies and being bit and having to use a vaccine are planned on being added
Although I dont think the second suggestion is that good. Why?
But aside from that, this suggestion is pretty good and might make the survival aspect of the game have more depth.

@AstronautPug the zombies could have a defined chance of transmitting the virus, say 30% chance of getting it

you can add it but what is the fun about it. no one will play it if there guns jam and died a lot. then it will be lost forever like gold mode servers

there should be a reward for playing it

I cannot comprehend why people keep suggesting zombie attacks cause some debuff that is only removed by vaccines. On top of how difficult it would be to balance, real vaccines are preventatives, not cures.

actually, a realistic mode might end up being the home of more of the experienced players, everyone who bought the game yesterday and have no idea how to play would just play on easy instead.

I’m confused about how this trend got so popular in zombie games. Its not really fun to make headshots the only way to kill a zombie. I mean they should do a lot of damage, but tying a players hands isn’t the best way. If your arguing for realism then remember that shooting zombies elsewhere can hit other vital organs or cause them to bleed out. (and no, your body cannot work without blood flow, even for a zombie.)

I think I mentioned somewhere else about how adding a “bite” mechanic is nothing short of cheapshotting players. It basically just means a instakill for most players unless they are lucky enough to find a vaccine. Not very fun and I think a mod could satisfy peoples want for this.

One of the most aggravating things in 3.0 was that the zombies move slightly faster than you. There was not way to escape them when you first spawn with the exception of going outside their navzone. Making them slower but capable of surrounding you is a better solution for that. (I would be alright with super fast zombies as special zombies but only if it is still possible to kill them without getting hit. I’m looking at you, 3.0 crouched zombie.)

Basically the problem is people say they want more realistic zombies but realistically zombies don’t exist, so these arguments are kind of moot. If you are arguing for a specific zombie type from different games or shows then it would be more helpful, like saying “I think the zombie mechanics from the walking dead are cool” or “how about voodoo themed zombies?” etc etc. Hope this helps.

It would be good if instead making them faster (I really think that we need to make them slower than player) there will be an insane count of zombies (maybe not insane, but there should be a lot of zombies)

Vaccines are NOT a cure.

edit: Even though 3.0 makes vaccines magically reduce infection level to safe amounts, if you look up what a vaccine is you would see why this is a load of BS.


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