Realistic player damage (instead of health bar) + weapons

***** Add:

  1. Damage to body parts. A player can stay alive after taking 999 damage in each arm and leg (There is a big chance that he will die from bleeding, if not and he will be helped, then he will not be able to use his arms and legs for a long time).
  2. A diverse level of blood loss of 0.01% - 20% / sec. Bleeding can occur in several parts of the body at once, you will need to use a bandage on each part of the body, or you can close one part of the body with your hand. You can break every part of the body (each leg and arm).
  3. You can instantly restore a strip of blood to 100% (blood bag), but not health in parts of the body.
  4. Each weapon will have its own sharpness and impact power. For example, a baseball bat can break a part of the body. A knife can cause bleeding, increasing it with every stroke.

How ​​to do it? (Detailed part)*

Add hitbox body parts: 2 arms, 2 legs, body, head. (heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys)

Add a streak of blood. Which will gradually recover if the player has 70-100% hunger and thirst. Or use a blood bag.

Each part of the body will have its own health and maximum bleeding:
Hand: 80 health, bleeding 0.5% / sec.
Leg: 90 health, bleeding 0.7% / sec.
Body: 100 health, bleeding 1% / sec.
Head: 60 health, bleeding 2% / sec.
(Heart: 10 health)
(Lung: 30 health)
(Stomach: 30 health)
(Kidney: 20 health)

The player will die if the streak of blood is 0%. Or if the vital parts of the body will have 0% health: body, head (heart, lungs).
If other parts of the body (leg or arm) have less than 30% health, the player will not be able to use this part of the body. Such parts of the body will receive bleeding when any damage is received.
Hands and legs may be broken, this will reduce their effectiveness.
Bleeding/sec. gradually decreases by itself. (+ you can use a bandage or close the wound with your hand). The bandage will reduce bleeding by -0.3% / sec.

***** Weapon mechanics:

Each weapon has: damage, + bleeding on impact, a chance to break a part of the body.

Baseball - 15 damage, bleeding + 0% / sec., 20% chance to break part of the body.
Knife - 7 damage, bleeding + 0.15% / sec., 2% chance to break a part of the body.
(From 1 hit with a knife, the player will die of bleeding in 11 minutes, but until this point the bleeding will pass by itself)

+New interface (for example)


Sounds a little complicated. I like the diagram you built. I believe nelson brought up an example of this because he didn’t want players becoming crippled when someone sprayed at them.

I do however like the idea of melee weapons having different characteristics, more bleeding or braking of bones.

Would also be cool if you could sharpen blades or apply poison for additional damage (or to arrows).

The only thing I do not like is the separate health bars or blood streaks foe the limbs. I like the simple idea of having a single health bar.


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