Reapeater rifle animation in U2 style

turn on loop for best experience

blender file >

tell me what you think


I think I just wasted 3 seconds of my life.

Ok, the carbine model looks like it belongs in 3.0, but just above the line where it would be congruous with the style of 3.0

Bravo on the animation, but too much recoil.

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i guess i wanted it to look like it had real impact, but ill be sure to tone it down next time.

that model looks like a spencer repeater, and if it IS a spencer repeater, then the bolt shouldn’t be coming back to push the hammer down. the lever should open the bolt so the bullet is (quite lazily, frankly) ejected, then close it, and the player would have to pull the lever back

of course, that’s me being anal.

yes it is based of the spencer, and to be frank i have no idea how it works (wikipedia wasn’t much help either)
thanks for explaining it to me, it isn’t too hard to change the animation anyway.

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