Reasons decay is a good idea

This is a response to the Unturned is too clean (currently I cant copy the text because I used the feature which makes the website into an app of sorts.)
so recently I was reading a post on decay (currently I cant link it because im on mobile)
Well anyways, people where giving all these reasons why decay wouldnt exactly be a good idea. So heres some reasons why decay is a good idea, (just as long as its more than 6 months top.) Keep in mind this post is a big chunk of text, so bear with me xd.
Also I originally made this replying to someone, so sorry if it looks that way.
Btw, I mean that stuff ingame is more decayed, not that stuff decays overtime ingame.
But how long after the infection is 4.0 gonna be at, it could be 50 years or even a month. Or even a DAY. Decay will have an effect in everything pretty dang fast if people dont take care of stuff. You would probably start seeing rust on cars that people didnt take really good care of after around a month if nobodies washing it or keeping it out of the elements. This would also happen with houses. Yall would be surprised on how fast places can decay once people stop taking care of them. Yes some places you see dont look to terrible after they have been decayed for a while, but thats mostly to the fact that people are still taking care of the land around it. Which results in less dust which in return makes it so dust isnt barraging the house all the time. Also, in the zombie apocalypse, depending in the universe, if people knew about zombies there would be a different effect (this is talking about how in tv shows their usually based in an alternate universe from ours, example the walking dead, in that universe, there had been no zombies kinda legend or whatever so people had no idea how to survive, Which resulyed in the infection working out so well. Im guessing Unturned had the same type of effect. Well anyways, people would be panicing, and wrecking cars into buildings and other cars. This would expose some buildings to the elements more. Resulting in… you guessed it, decay.
Okay heres for yall people who want it formatted.

  • could be a long time since the apocalypse started.

  • when vehicles and houses arent taken care of, they decay pretty quickly.

  • cars wrecking into buildings destroys parts of them exposing them to the elements.

  • snow getting into cracks in concrete in the walls and stuff will freeze, which causes it to expand, causing the cracks to get vigger, melt, freeze, repeat.

  • survivors who just dont care anymore will destroy houses to show that either they’ve looted them already or just for the fun of it.

  • zombies breaking down walls will have the same effect as cars crashing through the wall


That hurt my eyes to read. Formatting, please.

Also being on mobile doesn’t make it any more difficult to link stuff, just would like to let you know.

Not exactly sure what point you were trying to convey, because you were jumping around with talk about alternate universes and land upkeep, so a tl;dr would be nice. In addition I would like to add that the term “decay” in sandbox survival games typically refers to the effect of player made structures weakening over time, and is unrelated to the environment, but I do see what you were trying to refer to.

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The story was great, but the purpose was vague. If you continued your topic discussing how decay will acty help Unturned as a game, rather than a reality

@GreatHeroJ @Kylie this had actually been a reply, like I said. Right before I was gonna post it, I realised that it was kinda long. So yeah xd.
Also, there made a summary of sorts for it.


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I think a great use for this is vehicles left outside decaying over time, clearing up lag and spawning other vehicles.

I meant like buildings looking damaged ingame, ect. Not really stuff that gapoens ingame :confused:

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