Reclaiming Old Buildings(Power Plant, Water Desalination plants, Laboratory)

I made a post a while ago titled winning the map and most people on there seemed most interested in the segment about holding buildings for a reward. Someone else has already made a topic for this though I feel it was fairly different from my original post, so I hope I am forgiven for making my own topic.

The way that this will work is that there will be buildings scattered across the map that will be infested with zombies. After clearing out the infestation of a the building and repairing it’s machinery with resources and skills it will give some reward like a resource or access to crafting recipes that can only be made on its machines. Some of these will require resources or fuel to operate(like a coal power station). This will also give players in late game something to do other than spawn kill and make player factions more interesting as they battle for control of points across the map.

PVE element
This will be balanced by a more aggressive full moon which will spawn a horde of zombies for each player and piece of electrical machinery(this goes for home bases as well) with most of them going towards the reclaimed buildings. This should mean it scales up with your progression through the game. If the zombies take over a building they will destroy and reinfest the building. This can be countered by building defences like automated turrets, traps ,barricades and the defence of any players which makes it only for mid-endgame factions or players. The player spawning in extra zombies should mean that not being online 24/7 would be only a small disadvantage (because nobody want to have to play 24/7 :wink: ) and allow them to have multiple points across the map because they could not be everywhere at once if that was necessary.
If the player is not online for a few full moons to repair, rebuild and defend the location the zombies should eventually set it back to its default state, which should let it run on a server indefinitely.

Some Buildings This Could Work With
Water desalinators would give enough water from to the player or faction who owns it for them to have enough to drink and to trade with the rest of the server.
Power stations could power up all the power lines on the map. (other factions would likely steal from the power lines which might make for interesting conflicts or make it pointless(possibly localised grids could fix that?)
Radio towers could be for air supply drops and spying on enemy factions.
Orbital laser would let you rain death from the sky, probably having an immense horde because getting your base destroyed instantly would get annoying pretty quick but THE POWER
Advanced science labs could contain workshops for advanced crafting like power armour or medicines, Moonshine brewery for alcohol(ics)(its just fun).
The difference in the size of waves between buildings make some only possible for large factions(like making power armours and defending the controls for an orbital laser) or others for a single player(moonshine brewery).

Many people seemed concerned with the other persons post that this would have intrusive area controlled signs. I need no such things as the turret sentries would likely mow down any people not in that faction(this goes for single player factions as well), depending on what mode they were left on. (thievery would be an interesting possibility) The resources would likely appear in some storage in the centre of the building so there wont even be random stuff just turning up in your inventory.

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Im pretty sure you will be abel to make machines like this of your own, and having specific locations that give you an advantage if you control them might not be a good idea, sinc not giving everyone the option to use it and only have it be accesabel by the players who control it is unfair and could provoke more pvp (pvp is not bad but we dont want to have wwlll over a water purefier)

But the idea of using raidio towers to spy on enemys or get info about an incoming airdrop would acctualy be great, and just a really fun feature

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When I think about it there are way too many building types for PVP, probably a symptom of unturned’s currently PVP centric gameplay. Despite realising this I cant seem to think of any PVE or survival bonuses.
MAybe it’ll be more obvious in 4

I think this would be better as a gamemode of its own, since it would be very different from the usual standard survival.

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