Recoil in 4

My second attempt at writing this, the first was all rubbishy and long.

Anyway Unturned 3s recoil makes the guns not feel like guns. It moves the players screen upwards which feels weird after playing shooters with different and better recoil.

I think the gun should physically move in your hands, the sight moving in all directions, insteed of staying still. This makes guns feel more like GUNS and not just point and click weapons that move your screen. The players screen should move a lot less. Because the sight moves with the guns it means the player wont be able to aim aswell becaus they wot see down the sight as clearly while shooting on auto fire.

I feel like this would also make zombies tougher to kill, just because you won’t be able to hold click as effectively

Anyway enjoy this mess. I’m sure its already been said or something. So feel free to roast me about it.


I agree, I shouldn’t be able to hit a headshot with an assault rifle from 100 meters away

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Yeah i get what you mean but that’s not what this is about. You definitely should BUT yes your guns and sights should sway on screen with poor skill lvl.

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You have to be kidding me, first someone makes a post about armor before me and now about recoil REEEEEEEEEE

so tl;dr escape from tarkov/rs2ify the recoil? tbh i’d really like that

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I hope for realistic recoil, not hardcore recoil.
Games like squad and Insurgency just over does the recoil to the point where it is not realistic.
I do hope for a proper recoil mechanic but not one where your gun has as much recoil as a .50

Really in a realistic crossfire its more normal the use of bursts

Link of a crossfire on RIO DE JANEIRO

Probabily because its impossible see Where are you looking on “full auto mode”

Ok just have the same recoil as escape from tarkov, thats good

IMO Insurgency has almost perfect recoil, its easily controlled, where you can dump a mag in a very small area if you know what you are doing, but its also punishing enough for bipods to be good on every weapon. The only gun that actually has stupid recoil is the RPK, because it makes it crazy inferior compared to the m249, and the m45a1 because its impossible to get a second connecting shot without completely readjusting your aim.

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True that, I just felt some guns where much better than others. Like the Ak74u had much better control and basically same output as any other rifle.

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