Recomendations for unturned 2

This is my first topic so i am sorry if everything is everywhere and the things i will reccomend might have allready been said before without me noticing. If so im sorry.
I will be adding pictures and new ideas with time going by.

  1. Aircraft

  2. Combat


  1. Resources

  2. Ground vehicles

  3. Building

The planes should be able to fly more relisticaly. By this I mean they should stall, have deployable gear and different stages of speed. Like 10% 20% 30% 40% engine power.( im aware of nelson wanting to add gliding to the planes) and there should be things like the airbrakes and at least landing flaps takeoff flaps and combat flaps

The bombs (if there are going to be any in the game) should fall realisticaly in a curve not straight down.
And there should be a sort of crane for the bombs since they wont be carriable by hand (because of weight)

There should be more propeller planes than jets.

2.Since Nelson said he would add proper combat the heavier weapons like a hammer a mace or axe should be able to break a defense more easily but move slower

There should be backstabs thrust attacks and jump attacks

Gun combat
Players should be able to combine different types of ammo in one magazine like putting armor piercing tracer and explosive bullets
Many people have suggested the guns should break easier when they are put in mud salty water or things like that. Its not a bad idea but why not make the gun jams more often ( 0.01% chance of jamming while clean and 9-12% chance of jamming when dirty)
only auto and semi auto guns can jam
guns can be cleaned with a repair kit which cleans and fully repears it when used or when you go inside a river or lake
There also could be a mechanic that only single parts of the gun break and only they have to be repaired.
3 on every map there should be only one large horde whichs path is controlled by the admins or permanently determined by map creators. It takes a entire day for the horde to fully circle the path. if a base is in its way it will get destroyed unless the base owner has built speakers that are activated by switches or tripwires. They will stay on for 24 hours then they will shut off automatically and the zombies will attack the base.

  1. Resource gathering should be like in any other survival game (like ark but without the dinos)
    Forests cut down by the player dont grow back
    But from wildfires they do
    If the player deforestates a entire forest the animals will move somewhere else.

  2. There should be some SPAA vehicles that are not rare spawns and there are 3 different bullet combination types
    1 2 3
    he only tracer stealth ammo

    HE does increased damage to engines and plane controls to planes but decreased damage to players. tracer does little damage to players and planes and stealth ammo does decent damage to all parts of planes but is incredibly hard to find

Vehicles would move slower in wet dirt (when its raining)
Drift more on loose soil (summer and no rain for 10 days)
A base should have to have structural reinforcements like pillars that go deep into the ground to keep towers from falling and or ropes.

Some suggestions for guns:
Sniper rifle

Now with less things and a shtty scope

And big machine gun turret


I want to comment before people come on here to roast you for wanting things too realistic.

I love U2 is taking a more survival approach but I still love and want U2 to have military vehicles like these. Like helicopters and rare jets. I think a lot of people hear “shift to survival” and think of something like the Long Dark or more Yukon like survival. I would love to see U2 improve and enhance survival and make the player think about it more but still want the ability to advance out of the dirty survival stage with assault rifles, electricity, and a military like compound with lights. I think this is something that Unturned has over games like DayZ and similar titles.

As for the specifics of the engine power and things like air brakes and landing flaps we may not see that much depth. But I will say I was very surprised with the car we already see in the beta having a lot of little features like hazards, roll down windows, and blinkers.

My guess is something like a jet would be really rare like how on Russia they where rewarded after completed the quest line and was quite hard to get on vanilla. I also speculate that something like the car may get more attention to detail as it will be used more by players. But maybe Nelson will surprise us with things like you suggested for the jet. As long as it is simple and cool I have no problem with some added depth to the jets.

As for most of the rest of your ideas they have been discussed and some have been teased by Nelson(bullets and melee). Before making a post I search key words in the search bar to make sure my posts have not already been covered or at least discussing a different part of said topic. Welcome to be a poster.


I thought that the part with the planes was little detail, but ok.

I will make sure not to repeat the mistake the next time that im posting something like this.

Thank you for the tip
And thanks.


Yeaaah… No. That would just be tedious. Remember you can carry 5 tank shells in your back pocket in UI.
“Realism for the sake of realism is bad.”

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But a tank shell is not the same as a 500 or 250 lbs bomb. And it would be weird to see the character carry a 100 lbs tank shell or a 200 lbs bomb. When he is slowed down by body armor.

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Give me a good, gameplay related reason why bomb shells should only be able to be carried by cranes.


So the player can move faster and be ready for combat.

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What does “stealth” come from if non tracer ammo is a normal thing? Don’t really understand how it is supposed to be more “stealthy” than normal rounds.

Something like this? I don’t know about bombs, seems a bit far fetched for unturned. I think you have played a bit too much war thunder judging by many of these suggestions.

Some of these points have already been deeply debated before like weapon jaming and such.


To be fair, I don’t think we should go full-on microsoft flight simulator with planes in U4. I feel like this concept would be hard to grasp for newer players, and even veterans who have never played a realistic plane game in their lives.

Smaller bombs can be picked up, albeit functioning like an external pickup slot - While holding this object, you cannot equip anything else because of the size/weight of the bomb unless it’s small enough to hold in one hand or put in you backpack.

Depends on the location, really. If there’s a vast abundance of military locations on one map, you’ll be sure to find more jets than propeller planes and vice versa.

I think this is already planned, but yes



Planned iirc, also there was a neat little thread on this before. Makes people more careful with their equipment, also providing a use for waterproof clothing/bags if that becomes a factor.



repair kits and cleaning kits should be separate imo, because repair kits would be exponentially rarer and having to rely on such an uncommon item just to clean your firearm would just make maintaining one harder than it should be.

I think there was a thread on separate weapon parts, but i didn’t catch anything about separate parts breaking. I do like the idea of having to repair certain segments of a firearm though.

Instead of having “horde paths” like navmeshes for huge groups of zombies, just let the free roam system do its thing by combining zombies into small or large groups depending on the location.
Big cities have higher loot yield but higher zombie counts, and the opposite for smaller towns or locations.

The issue with this here is that the amount of realism put in means you have to either:

  1. Grow an entire tree within 1 hour somehow, otherwise wait a stupidly long time for chopped trees to grow back
  2. Make chopped trees naturally respawn like U3, but with added effects and whatnot

I’m tired my brain empty only suffering inside

but HE is High Explosive, shouldn’t those be rarer than tracers and also do good damage to players because it, well, explodes?
firearm knowledge lost in brain no more gone tired today
I don’t understand the concept of “stealth ammo” but it just sounds like anti-aircraft idk
tracers are already planned

good yes
of course, vehicles with specialized tires would perform better on certain surfaces as expected.

  1. why does it say “FEE LENIELD”
  2. why are there so many of these little things, Lee Enfield only has around 2

anyways cool ideas and things I’m tired today fuck

brain is kil


Here’s a suggestion that’s needed


I want to paint the Unturned II house I’m able to build with pretty colors.


But the different stages of engine power are nedeed or atleast toggling the engine on/off

It could make the auto guns owerpowered
Since bolt action or other types of simmilar guns
Have a longer time between each shot.

Thats for them not to be owerpowered since they are shot at a high speed.

Wow i feel like your response is bigger than the topic i wrote


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