Reddit Vs the Forum of smartlydressedgames

OK Reddit is first:Now Reddit is a place where basically you can make your own community(Sub-Reddit) and how a big responsibility to take care of the sub Reddit you own and flourish your way to successes and ask question to user and people and or can be like a search engine.

As for Smartly here my feedback: This forum is good your allowed to talk about anything as long it on topic or “relate to the topic” only has supported one game name unturned (BTW he had made more game let me know) and or have no sub Forum for player.

Improvement with Smartly i think this forum should have sub forum like Reddit and have rule about making one for example like once you made a sub Forum and delete it you can’t make anyone unless a year is done or you can not make a sub forum with inappropriate name stuff like that.Along with other stuff i never mention for example staff member you need em why there are reason we only have nelson as one why can we have the mod from discord help and let have staff app some people can judge whether or not someone can have or be staff or not this can be a system.

The SDG forum already has ‘‘sub forums’’ more like sub categories but still something similar, Nelson made other games but Unturned is the main one. Nelson isn’t alone here, two other moderators from the Steam discussions also moderate here, Reaver and Lu, works fine so far. The amount of users isn’t that big, Nelson, Lu and Reaver can probably hande issues easily without any other assistance, if you see something wrong or inappropriate you can report the message/thread to let the staff deal with it.

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Well what there is a lot of player tbh there 8,039 playing unturned m8 what if one day everyone that knew unturned come we would have alot of report and yea this could happened.So in ideas staff app is necessary.

What i mean about sub forum is how people can manage there own forum like in reddit how people manage there sub reddits.So sub forum is kinda necessary

The Steam Forums is available to everyone and is the most commonly used forum for people who are not aware of the other forums. The moderators do their job rather well on there, as they do on here. Sure, there may be a small time of chaos if there’s a sudden influx of people, but I’m sure this staff team is capable of handling it. If they were to get more mods, they’d probably reach out to prominent and active people in the community (Yarrr and MoltonMontro come to mind), so staff apps wouldn’t really be necessary.

True tho also btw am have the member thing some yea they pick me because i am active too.

By active I mean people who are dedicated to this game like they are. I’ve seen them in every Unturned outlet available, official or unofficial.

No offense, but the way you phrased your reply almost makes it seem like you want these staff applications for more selfish reasons than for the benefit of the forum.

The Steam discussions have over 200,000 discussions, the moderators do a very good job there and they only are 4, no need for more here, if it’s really necessary the two other moderators from the Steam discussions could also moderate here. If you really want to help just report when it’s necessary, the actual traffic of users is pretty small, two moderators + Nelson is good enough for the moment.

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SDG Forums > Unturned Subreddit > Steam Discussions.

This site is by far the most ‘hardcore’, meaning shitposting and off-topic posts are minimal. The Unturned subreddit is amazing and has produced loads of implemented suggestions and concept art I’ve archived, but I have multiple grudges against the entire moderation team (With the exception of Ed). Steam Forums is what I’d call the shithole of the trio. There’s always a diamond in the rough to keep your eyes open for, but loads of flamebait, trolling, necroposting, and a massive rift in experienced players and new players, both in PC knowledge and game knowledge is horrific for any productive talk. The Moderators there are amazing though, and I’m glad they’ve got mod perms here too (even if I’m one of their more frequent banned users :sweat_smile: )


Shitposting is minimal

What about my shitposts?

Mhm? What about 'em?

This crap was post a few month what the heck are y’all old timer unturned people doing here.

ZUBEKNAKOV has been posting on several months old threads recently.

What other ones have I been posting on?