Reflections is broken (1)

when using low scope quality the reflections break (sob emoji)


Upgrade ram maybe??

You need an rtx graphics card for it to work properly.

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have you tried turning your wifi off and on?


skybox reflection is broken as well

that stain on the bottom right of the chair is a cloud reflecting on the floor

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Oh No, Our Reflections, It’s Broken!

Sorry for my delay! I was able to reproduce this once, but not again. I am not sure whether it is directly related to scope quality OFF because after it started happening the reflection was out of sync even with dual render scopes unscoped. Tried several times to get it to happen again adjusting fov, changing scopes, changing graphics settings, etc, but no luck. :confused:

As for skybox reflections on static objects: not exactly ideal, but for the next update I changed all of the “Standard (decalable)” materials in the base game to “Standard (specular setup) (decalable)” with black specular.


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