Regarding the 4.0 Tutorial

I have an idea for the 4.0 tutorial. Sounds strange, but it includes some involvement with the main menu’s barn, and would actually require more work with its surroundings.

I’ll make sure to implement all the aspects the current tutorial abords, both obligatory and facultative.
Important note: The way I’d implement it would be right before the main menu appears the first time the game is launched (otherwise it wouldn’t make as much sense), and could be accessed later like it does currently. The coolest part about it is that it’s all about how the player actually ended up having the barn as safehouse.


The screen fades in, you’re in the middle of the woods with the green offroader seen in the menu

“Hi there, you seem a bit lost!”

“The zombies have taken over the world, and you seem a bit outnumbered to take care of the situation.”

“Let’s start by picking up the stuff you’ll need to survive. Enter your car [F] to access its trunk.”

“Now take the clothes and equip the rifle [Ctrl + RClick].”

“First things first, we’ll need to find shelter. There should be a farm down the road. Use your movement keys [WASD] to drive forward.”

The farm shows up after a 10-second trip

“Hooray! A safe place! Wait a minute, is it really?”

“Pull up and grab your weapon. [Num1]

“There are zombies inside! Try to get closer without having them alerted. Go crouch [X] or prone [Z].”

You proceed to put the poor dudes out of their misery

“Your magazine seems lighter, remove it [T] and then refill it using the ammo crate you’ve picked up earlier [Y].”

“With the experience you’ve received by killing the zombies you can upgrade skills **[U]**that will be of much use later on.”

“Now that’s how it’s done! You’ve learned the basics of survival, but you can stick for longer for more advanced training.”


Advanced Tutorial #1 - Fishing: The player leaves the barn and finds a small lake next to it

“Food is getting scarce here, so fishing is a smart idea. Grab that fishing rod.”

“Fishing requires some patience, if you think you have what it takes, cast the line [LClick] and reel it in [LClick] when you see the bob going under.”

  • If player fails:
    “Hard luck! Try again, it’s not that difficult.”

  • If player succeeds
    “Well done! Now get back to the barn and cook your prize [Y] by standing near the campfire.” ((Assuming there will be a campfire inside the barn))


Advanced Tutorial #2 - Harvesting and Tree-chopping

“Wood is the resource you’ll most rely on at the start, ince it can be used for building and and crafting.”

“Grab that axe and use [LClick] for a light hit on the tree and [RClick] for a punchier one, at the cost of stamina.”

“Great job! Now you can use the logs it dropped to craft building items.”

“Remember: the higher your Crafting skill is, the more advanced will be the items you can turn wood into!”

“Seems like there’s some easy food around! Harvest those bushes for berries.”

“Beware that they might make you feel better, but will cause some serious dizziness for a short period of time.”


Advanced Tutorial #3 - Freeform Building, Agriculture and Electric Items

“Barricades are items that can be placed anywhere without the need of foundations. Pick them up and place them on your offroader to fortify it, or don’t, this world is in anarchy after all.”

“See that planter over there? There are seeds next to it. Plant them [LClick] and wait for them to grow into healthy food.”

“Just kidding. You can use that Fertilizer to instantify the process!”

“Certain items require electricity to work, which is obtainable by powering up a generator. Place it on the ground.”

“Now, as you see, it’s clearly empty. Siphon [RClick] the fuel tank into the gas can. Now, fuel the generator [LClick] and place that spotlight on the floor.”

“Artificial light! And for free! Booyah!”

Screen fades out and in with the main menu. Thanks for reading through all of this, took some serious time to write!


sounds nice!

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I love it but here’s something to consider as to why the tutorial shouldn’t be forced: Some people hate having to do tutorials.


i think it shoul start without the car then he finds the car more near to the farm,but it is a good idea

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they could just ignore it

Gucci idea man

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I like the idea of adding a theme in the tutorial. Makes it less generic


Important note: The way I’d implement it would be right before the main menu appears the first time the game is launched (otherwise it wouldn’t make as much sense), and could be accessed later like it does currently.

uhhhhhhhh it’d probably be best to make that skippable b0ss

also the concept is good but the details are way too 3.0 oriented

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I guess a dialog box could pop up asking if the player wants to play or skip the tutorial

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I love how you kept the original semi-silly not-super-serious Unturned feel with the dialogue instead of making it super dark and edgy, good job!

Overall I like the idea completely obviously it could use a little more spiffing up to make it presentable for 4.x but overall you did a great job, really liking your ideas and posts. Keep it up!

I think I would prefer the tutorial to be optional, after all, the best games teach you how to play their games through actually playing.

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‘3.0 oriented’?

He is possibly pointing out that you based all of it on Unturned 3’s mechanics. I, too, was a bit surprised you didn’t say anything about new mechanics in 4.x, not even ones that are speculative.


our main man molty got it right again

Pick up the item before you get in da car probally better idea?

The intent was to show the new player there is boot space.

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