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This is the very first time I make a post on this category, but I felt it was needed since some of you consider I am a fairly active member, so it could be weird if I suddenly disappear. It’s not like I’m pretending anyone is going to miss me, that’s not the point.

I leave this short message because I promised I was going to be active and also that I was going to make some extra posts and suggestions for Unturned II that might be of some significance. Because of this, some few people were expectant about what I was going to make as contribution or so, as some of my suggestions were well received in the past and considered ‘quality content’.

Straight on point, I leave this message because I got somewhat “evicted” from what I thought was my home, and for that reason I might not be active for several weeks, maybe months. I borrowed some time so I could write this message, just to let you guys know.

My message is for anyone who were expecting my promised posts soon. I’m sorry for bothering anyone if so, but I felt the need of leaving some kind of advice, as my current situation isn’t easy.

Good day everyone, and I hope quality keeps up and we can meet again soon.

If I survive long enough, of course.




I think you’d be fine, considered that you’re good at survival.

In all seriousness, hope to see you gets back on the right track in the future.


Damn dude thats rough. Good luck with the housing situation, hope we see more of you.


Good luck with everything
Keep us updated while you can


I wish only the best for you.


Hey man, just keep moving forward and power through. Things will get better for you.

Good luck.


I would say something encouraging but…


We will see you, in another place, and another time. Good luck, and I’m glad to have met you.


yeah, i’m also not gonna be here for 8 months for work stuff. LITERALLY 8 MONTHS.

good luck


@everyone Update:

I’m fine but I have no internet (nor PC) where I’m living, so I can’t work on anything just yet. The info and progress I’ve developed from pending posts and such at home were lost as well, so I’ll have to restart pretty much all of it from bare zero again.

Also, I’ve just read the last DevLog (couldn’t see the video though; I’m writing this from a cyber-cafe), and I see there’s been plenty of progress. Hype is coming back again and I hope progress keeps going.